liberty pantry

Utah Neighborhood Builds ‘The Liberty Pantry’ to Feed the Hungry

Living across from Liberty Park, Nicole Vallieres sees a lot of underprivileged people come and go. Instead of feeling sorry, she decided to be proactive and step up to help. Her idea is kind of like those pop-up libraries you’ve likely heard about. But instead of books, it’s food.

Brittany Tait shares how Nicole and her neighbors built The Liberty Pantry for the hungry in their community.

If you want to donate, The Liberty Pantry is located at 1052 south 500 east, across from Liberty Park.


  • I saw this just the other day- I was walking at liberty park and thought it was a library but when I got closer it looked like cans of food or soda- and it totally was. What a nice thing to do! I’ll have to donate to it next time I’m there.