Utah Spine and Disc Laser Treatments

Dr. John Meadors is a doctor with Utah Spine and Disc who helped Shirley Sandberg get her life and her freedom back.

Shirley Sandberg teaches pre-school. She is currently in her early 70s and had been experiencing increasing pain. Two years ago, she had benefitted from Dr. Meador’s laser treatment and after 25 visits, her pain (on a pain scale) had gone from 9 to a 0. Two years later, she had done something that had put her in a wheelchair and her pain was rated at a “12” on a 1 – 10 scale. After just two treatments, she is not in a wheelchair and is up and walking. Her pain is almost gone.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Meadors at www.800painfree.net or you can call (800) PAIN FREE. Dr. Meadors is offering two free visits so that patients can try out the treatment and see if they are a candidate for the pain relief.

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