Utah Spine and Disc: Litecure Therapy

If you are suffering from Chronic Back or Neck Pain, Post Surgical Spinal Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or Pinched Nerve… Then you can find out what one Utah doctor is doing that has everyone talking.

Dr. John Meadors with Utah Spine and Disc is the only chiropractor in the region that provides Litecure, a Class IV laser for reducing the pain caused (and this process is done without any side effects).

Utah Spine and Disc’s approach to spinal wellness includes spinal decompression, hydration, nutrition, spinal foot orthosis, laser therapy, spinal manipulation, proprioceptive and rehabilitative exercises, and when necessary prolo therapy.

They choose to lead and coach their clients to happier states of daily principle centered living to produce the desired outcome of spinal health and physical well being. They recognize that their treatment outcomes are directly proportional to the active participation and adherence of the client, to his or her excepted wellness/treatment plan. Their treatment protocols are based on thirty years of clinical experience utilizing timeless natural laws of healing without drugs or surgery.

Utah Spine and Disc honors, respects and assists each client to achieve their desired wellness goals and outcomes in a friendly, clean and wholesome environment. Their entire passion and reward is predicated on showing up in the moment with each client daily and to honor the privilege to be renewed together through each individual’s spinal healing. Their unique spinal healing program adds years to your life and life to your years.
The Utah Spine and Disc treatment center is the premier non-surgical spinal center in the region. If you have pain or injuries anywhere, give them a call. They can help.

The Utah Spine and Disc chiropractic center is located at 141 East 5600 South #204 in Murray. To get in touch with them, call
1 (800) NEW 4 PAIN or go online to www.utahspineanddisc.com

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