Utah’s Best Ice Cream Hotspots

With so many ice cream shops in Utah, it can be tricky to find the ones that really set themselves apart. That’s where we come in! We found the ice cream hotspots with the best selection, the biggest sundaes, and the cheapest cones.

Studio 5 Producer Lesli Harker has the scoop!

Best Selection & Best Atmosphere

Farr Better Ice Cream
Ogden, Utah

Not only is it the oldest ice cream parlor in Utah, it just might be the oldest in America! Farr’s is 84 years old with more than 600 ice cream recipes in its vault. On any given day, you can find 75 flavors in store. My recommendation here: try the black licorice ice cream! Better yet, try it mixed with orange cream. That’s how you get “Tiger Tale” ice cream, a Canadian favorite.

Biggest Ice Cream Creations

Taylorsville, Utah

I dare you to try and finish one of Leatherby’s giant sundaes! They’re big enough for the whole family (and family of 10 at that)! The three biggest creations are: Daddy Doug’s Banana Special (basically the biggest banana split you’ve ever seen), Grandma Grace’s Creamery Sundae (vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla, with more toppings than you can imagine), and Wood’s Family Special (a rainbow of different ice cream flavors and toppings).

Most Unique Ice Cream Concept

Sub Zero
Pleasant Grove, Utah

You can’t talk about unique ice cream without giving a shout out to Sub Zero. They start with liquid ice cream and freeze it in front of you with liquid nitrogen! Years ago when I first moved to Utah, this was the first place everyone told me to go. And now it’s the place I tell everyone to go! It’s a must-see attraction for visitors and new residents. I recommend checking out the Sub Zero in Pleasant Grove. It’s the only location with fully-functioning arcade on the second floor!

Cheapest Ice Cream Cone

Macey’s Grocery Store
Various locations around Utah

Believe it! The most ice cream for the cheapest price is not at a fast food restaurant, it’s at a grocery store! Trust me, I did my research. Most soft-serve ice cream cones are $0.16-0.33 per ounce. Burger King has a pretty good summer deal with their 50-cent cone. But at a mere 4 oz, it works out to be 12 cents per ounce. Macey’s on the other hand, has HUGE ice cream cone for very cheap. Every single size they sell, from the Baby Kong to the giant Kong Kone, is no more than $0.10-0.11 per ounce. And out of all the ice cream cones I tried, Macey’s was also my favorite soft serve cone. The flavor and creamy texture can’t be beat.

Don’t see your favorite ice cream shop on our list? Share your scoop in the comments below.

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