Utah’s Best Zip Lines

When you think of a zip line, you probably picture an exotic location! But there are plenty of high-riding zip lines right here in our own Utah mountains.

Bob Grove with Drive Away Adventures shares the best zip lines in the state.

1. Big Rock Candy Mountain, Marysvale UT: Located at the world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain 30 miles south of Richfield on highway 89. Zipline Canopy Adventure, 6 separate lines that cross back and forth through the trees, from platform to platform, and then back and forth across the Sevier River.

2. Max Zipline Canopy Park, Provo Canyon UT: Series of 5 tree-top canopy zip lines that zigzag down the mountain side along the Provo river with breathtaking views of Mt. Timpanogos and Provo Canyon.

3. Ravens Rim Zip Line, Moab UT: Experience the thrill of soaring over the world famous slick rock of Moab. Stunning views of Arches National Park, Colorado River, and La Sal Mountains. This adventure includes 6 ziplines, 100′ suspension bridge, 4 mile off-road ATV adventure, and scenic hiking………four adventures in one!

4. Utah Olympic Park, Park City UT: Two zipline adventures at the Utah Olympic Park; The Freestyle Zipline is a great way to warm up before stepping up to the big one. The Freestyle Zipline is bit shorter and less steep, and totally fun for all ages. Perfect for younger kids or adults who want a more leisurely ride. The Extreme Zipline is big, steep and long. In fact, the Extreme is one of the steepest ziplines in the world! Your ride starts at the edge the K120 jump, at which point the force of gravity takes over and propels you to 50 mph, which is fairly close to the speeds of world-class ski jumpers. There are 2 lines so you can fly side by side with friend or family member.

5. Kanab Zipline, Kanab UT: 3 exciting ziplines surrounded by beautiful red rock visits that soar nearly 2500 feet across canyons and gullys. The first line starts at about 350 feet in the air and traverse nearly 900 ft to the next ridge.

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