Utah’s Waffle Wars

Have you noticed all the waffle restaurants and waffle trucks popping up in Utah? If there’s an “it” food right now, the Belgian waffle takes the title. So where should you bring your family for a fix?

We asked Studio 5 Producer and foodie, Lesli Harker, to dive into “Utah’s Waffle Wars”.

3900 South Wasatch Blvd, Holladay

Bottom Line: Lesli’s Favorite
“You will feel positively giddy after leaving Saturday’s Waffle. The toppings are the highlight here. Try ‘The Benny’ and the S’mores waffle. It’s true the guys in bow ties won’t disappoint. Make time on Saturday morning to bring the whole family here.”

About Saturday’s Waffle:
Saturday’s Waffle was started by three good friends Colin Terry, Richard Larsen and Mike Law, who wanted a chance to express better each of their creativity and share a love of good food. They bought a vintage 1955 Shasta aluminum trailer and turned it into a kitchen and using the doughy sweetness of the liege waffle as a mouthwatering base, let their imaginations run wild dreaming up topping combinations that range from the expected to the delightfully off-base. Come see what all the fuss is about and meet the guys in bow ties as they serve up a delicious start to your weekend. You can catch them every Saturday morning, rain or shine, from 8-12 at the Olympus Hills Shopping Center, 3900 South Wasatch Blvd. Happy Saturday!

336 West, 300 South, Salt Lake City
& 2314 South Highland Drive, Sugarhouse
Bottom Line: Most Authentic
“Stepping into Bruges feels like stepping into a European restaurant. It is the only waffle place in Utah run by Belgians. The waffle is made from a family recipe. This is the real deal.”

About Bruges:
Pierre Vandamme was born and raised in Belgium, Brugge, and now shares his authentic waffles with Utah food lovers. At Bruges Waffles and Frites, the sweet aromas of cooking butter and caramelized sugar seduce you and take you straight to Belgium. Following Pierre’s old family recipe, handed down from generation to generation, he makes his original Liège and Brussels waffles from scratch with only the finest ingredients, some even imported from Belgium. In addition to his waffles, Pierre also sells Belgian style fries, called ‘frites’, awarded Best Fries of Utah 2011 and 2012. Try them with one of our dozen homemade sauces, the machine gun sandwich and one of our authentic Belgian style meat products.

WAFFLE LOVE (gourmet food truck)
Utah County
Bottom Line: Most Addictive
“Waffle Love is less than a year old and their customers are already super loyal. Business has continued to grow throughout Utah’s cold winter. I stopped by the waffle truck during a snowstorm and still had to wait in line! Try the Raspberry Works with Nutella, my favorite.”

About Waffle Love:
We are the only gourmet food truck in Utah County and we sell the best waffles in the state! As far as waffles to try, try our “waffle works” with your favorite fruit, I prefer raspberries. I lot of folks also enjoy the “Nutella Love”. We are exacting waffle smiths, our focus is entirely on the waffles from start to finish. We never cut any corners with regard to quality and we hand-make fresh batches of our dough daily. Our waffles differ from the competition in that they go through a fermentation process gaining in flavor and aroma. We import real Belgian Pearl Sugar for the waffle and pay homage to the original artisan that created the liege waffle by recreating his creation in the tastiest way possible and bringing the waffle love to folks daily in the waffle truck. How do you find the waffle truck? Just follow us on Facebook (waffleloveutah), Instagram (@waffluv), or Twitter (@waffluv).

OFF THE GRID (Gourmet Waffle Truck)
Salt Lake County
Bottom Line: For the Foodie
“Off the Grid makes sandwiches out of waffles. Enough said. Try the signature grilled cheese sandwich made with local cheddar, ricotta, parmesan, basil, and other ingredients I can’t pronounce. It was the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. Period. Been craving it ever since. If there’s a food that ups your coolness factor, it’s anything from Off the Grid.”

About Off the Grid:
Off The Grid’s yeast leavened waffle batter is hand mixed daily using only fresh, local, and all-natural ingredients, yielding an impressive foundation for our menu. Fresh herbs, fresh fruits, and local artisan cheeses are then added to create delectable dishes that satisfy a wide range of tastes. All of our selections are prepared fresh the moment you complete your order, and not a second before, so you can be sure that your delicious waffle has been baked to perfection just for you. With a strong emphasis on presentation and flavor, our passion and love for food shows in each dish served. As with any adventure, we will always be looking for the road less traveled. We will constantly strive to update and evolve our menu to include new local and seasonal selections and flavors to keep our menu exciting. Find the truck, go off the grid, and enjoy a delicious waffle creation.

602 East 600 North, Provo
Bottom Line: Best Atmosphere
“This is the place for a girl’s night out or a date night with your spouse. The Awful Waffle has chalkboard walls, chalkboard tables, and fireplaces built into the walls! And did I mention they’re waffles are amazing? They have both the Liege and the Brussels waffle, so be sure to try them both. Don’t forget the Speculoos!”

About Awful Waffle:
Lance and Ashley lived in Belgium a few years back where they picked up all their recipes, techniques and even some of their equipment. They’ve been open for a year and a half, and in the new Provo location since August. The Awful Waffle doesn’t even have a freezer in our kitchen – everything is extremely fresh, never frozen. 95% of our menu items are all natural. We make all of our dough and crepe batter every morning. All our frite sauces and any other sauce we use is made from scratch daily. We really believe that you are what you eat, and you need to keep away from as many preservatives and chemicals as possible!

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