Vacation Activities for Kids

Kids love vacations, but sometimes getting there can be a real buzz killer.
Not anymore! Keep the kids entertained for any road trip, and keep your
sanity at the same time!

Designer Kristine McKay shares fresh, fun ways to make your next vacation
a success!

· I Spy in the Sand

– Get a plastic container and fill it with sand. Then add fun toys and
items that represent pictures on the lid. Kids will love shaking the bottle
and searching for each item!

· Magnet Game

· Flip Chart Activities

– Use a dry erase clip board and add games and maps the kids can flip
through along the way!

· Map it Out

– This is a great way to keep the kids from asking “are we there yet?” and
“how much longer?” Take a map and mark landmarks and stops along your
route for the kids to be watching for. When they locate each one along the
way, reward them with a small prize or treat like a disposable camera or
coloring book!

Check out Kristine’s website, for
more fun

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