Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

This Valentine’s Day let the kids get in on all the fun with unique and fun
crafts and treats.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares ideas to pull off the perfect
Valentine’s Day party!

Classroom Craft

Let the kids paint a love tree, using simple finger paints and classroom

Classroom Treat

Cupids Cookies

Valentine’s Day can be a sugar rush for the kids, so why can’t we offer
some healthy snacks as well. Cut a heart shape out of Watermelon and a
simple orange for easy display that the students are sure to eat up.

Classroom Valentine

Ditch the traditional Valentine Box and make something different for little
ones to receive/give out their Valentines. I made a backpack thatI like to
call a “Mail Bag”!

Classroom Games

During Christmas we have the “Elf on the Shelf” I thought it would be fun to
do something similar but “Catch the Cupid” and have a 14 day scavenger
hunt with little prizes for the kids to find. The teacher or student can take
turns prior to Valentine’s Day, hiding the Cupid and secret bag. You can
purchase a printout for this at Pebbles in My Pocket for $4.

This is my version of the “He loves me, He loves me not” game. I call it “He
loves me….. She loves me”. You cut out a flower with 14 petals on it, one
for each day before Valentine’s Day. There are 14 petals, each of the 1-14
days is going to be designated for a classmate. When that classmates
name is on a petal then the other classmates will pass around the petal
writing something they like about that person. It is something that that the
teachers can attach magnets onto the back for easy display. This is also a
fun little game that families can play in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

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