Viewer Question: Boots for Fuller Calves

It’s a viewer question directed to Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor
Holly Stone: where can I find boots to fit my fuller calves?

Viewer Megan B. wanted to know:

Love Studio 5 and all the great segments! I was wondering if you could do
a fashion segment on boots that will work for women with larger calves.
I’m certain there are brands and styles out there but I haven’t been able to
find them.

Keep up the great job!

Megan B.

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone had this advice to

I totally remembered a FANTASTIC store in Centerville that has a great
selection of boots in this category. They also have a state of the art boot
stretcher that can stretch a boot (or shoe for that matter) to give extra
room in the foot and the shaft. The store is called:

Walking Comfort

627 W Market Place Dr

Centerville UT 84014

801.872.FEET (3338)

Coincidentally, they have an anniversary sale going on. Viewers can hit their
Facebook site and download a coupon to get 25% off on every single boot
in the store. http://www.facebook.c

There are three specific categories of boots I suggest you look for:

1. Boots with elastic goring in the shaft to allow for flex.



Aetrex is a company completely focused on healthy comfortable footwear.


This Keen boot features goring for flexibility in fit as well as buckles to
tighten down, if needed.

2. Boots with Wider Shafts



This company makes some of the most comfortable and supportive shoes
in the industry. They started with Clogs (the ones worn by nurses who are
on their feet for 12 hour days).

3. Lace-Up Boots
Many companies are now offering boots with laces that provide unlimited
fit options…a bit more casual but very popular!

This Keen boot has laces and zipper. Once you have
the laces set perfectly, you only need the zipper!

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