Viewer’s Best April Fool’s Day Pranks

My husband’s birthday is on April 2nd, so we covered a bowl with frosting and presented it as his birthday cake. After singing to him, we told him to cut the cake. We all had a good laugh.

Cindy Ward

My best april fool’s joke was last year. I had had my fourth baby end of January and we had decided we were done having kids. So I had a friend of mine, who was pregnant, take a pregnancy test for me and I left that test out on the bathroom counter for my husband to find. When he found it, he was already trying to figure out how we were going to make it work. I didn’t let it go on too long before I let him in on the “joke”. He still hasn’t forgiven me for giving him such a scare!

Katie Kobe

My very best prank for April fool’s day is a toss-up I have 2 really good ones. The first is scotch tape down the sprayer on your kitchen sink so when someone turns on the faucet it sprays them. The 2nd is if they have a can of soda opened up sneak it from them and put a couple of pin holes in it so as they take a drink it dribbles on their shirt.

Dona Jensen

A fellow teacher, the custodian, and I did this to our principal. We had a new multipurpose room. Our principal had a VW Rabbit. We had the custodian take the center pillar out of the doorway and, knowing that my boss kept the keys under the floor mat, we drove the car into the center of the multipurpose room without our boss’s knowledge. We put a huge cotton tail and two huge ears on the car as well as turning the headlights into eyes with paper eyelashes. Then, the custodian replaced the pillar and we went on about the day. We DID NOT KNOW that the principal was having guest principals on campus to view his new multipurpose room!!! Imagine his surprise when he brought the principals in to view the MP room & saw the car! He stood there in front of his peers acting stupified. Then, as reported to us, he said, “That’s MY car!” Of course he knew who to come to about the antic which he LOVED!


The all-time greatest april fools trick I have ever played on my husband: I saved a newspaper from april l, for a whole year and gave it to him a year later. He read for quite a while before discovering what I had done. It was really great!

Gay Hill

My best all-time favorite April Fool’s joke was one I played on my two daughters, Allison and Amy, who were both in High School at the time. I purchased a bunch of birthday balloons for each of them, then went to the school just before lunch. I went into each classroom and told the teacher that I was there because it was my daughter’s birthday, and of course everyone in the class said, “Happy Birthday”. The puzzled look on my daughter’s face should have given it all away, but it didn’t. I then went up to my daughter and handed her the balloons and leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “April Fools!”

Diane Lewis

I had our oldest daughter late December of 2001. On April 1st of 2002 I had my pregnant sister-in-law take a pregnancy test for me and I left it on the bathroom counter. When my husband get home he went to the bathroom and came out freaking out thinking I was pregnant again. I just smiled and said “April Fools.” He wasn’t very happy, but I thought it was funny.

Jennifer Colledge

I play a great April Fools joke on my teenage daughter. She had been asked twice to Junior Prom and she was starting to think very highly of herself. I thought I could bring her down a notch and have a good laugh too. I pretended that she had been asked to the Prom a third time. I borrowed a small child’s potty from my neighbor. After a thorough cleaning, I placed chocolate turtles in the potty. I decorated her room with toilet paper streamers. Lastly, I made a big poster that said “If you got to go, go with me” and signed the poster A.F. When she came home from school, I told her a boy I never met before came and decorated her room. She was thrilled. She even made the comment, “How many girls get asked to Prom three times.” She called all her friends to tell them the good news and to see if they knew who A.F. was. She was on the phone for hours with her friends and the Alta High School yearbook open on her lap trying to figure out who A.F. was. Lucky for me or some unsupecting boy no one had the initials A.F. It was hilarious watching her excitement turn to confusion. Finally, she came in the kitchen talking to herself saying over and over again “A.F. who could A.F. be. Then the light bulb came on when she realized that A. F. actually stood for April Fools.

Barbara Pahl

Best April Fool’s day: my husband is an electrical engineer, and LOVES to pull pranks on me. One year he got our leaf blower, put it into our refridgerator and connected it to the light of the refrigerator. So when I woke up and went to the fridge to get my milk for the cereal, the blower blew very hard into my face. NOT funny when you just woke up!!!

Rita Winmill

Mine started out as an accident at first but ended up brilliant! I decided to sew some of my pants to be capri’s so I got to work and I bedazzled them and all, just a little around the side hem cuff, but not too many. I got all done and I was so proud of myself because I am not a pro at these things, and thought I should try them on to make sure they are right and wouldn’t you know one of them (I don’t know how, honestly!) was a pair of my husband’s pants!!! AHHHHH!! I could have died! But I came up with this idea, because the next week was April Fool’s. So I decided to exchange them with his pants he had laid out for work the next day (April Fool’s) and he goes to work at 5:00 A.M. so he got up put them on and didn’t notice until just before he left for work and was putting his socks and shoes on! Needless to say I had a really hard time not busting up the whole time he was getting ready for work! But he looked so adorable!) I wish I had taken a picture of it. But they were off in about 1 second flat once he realized that they were capri’s and bedazzled none the less!!

Janeal Pollock

My birthday is April 1 and last year I took the day before off of work. The next day I came in to work and saw that my entire cubicle was covered in aluminum foil. Everything including my entire computer, chair, stapler, hole puncher, a few pens and EVERYTHING on and around the desk. I have to admit that even though I did not think of it, it was the best prank I have seen.

Aly Larsen

I love April Fools Day so I have many tricks. One year, I had a friend call my husband telling him that I had a mental break-down and admitted myself into Valley Mental Health. Could he please bring me a change of clothing. My husband went to every mental health facility he could find looking for me. Another year I made a fake court document, a Order for a Paternity Test and mailed it from downtown SLC so that it would get there on 4/1. I was out of town on a business trip and he called me very concerned when he opened the letter. I calmed him down telling him we’ll call the attorney in the morning. I let him ponder 10 more minutes or so and then called him and asked him what day it was. He hung up on me.

D’Ann DaBell

I rarely do April Fool’s jokes…last year I short-sheeted our bed. My husband was tired and an April Fool’s joke was the last thing on his mind. He tried to get in bed for what seemed like hours, but a good minute or two and just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was brushing my teeth watching him and finally just burst out laughing. He finally figured it out and we went to bed with our eyes watering from laughing so much. It was fun. An oldie but goodie! P.S. No one had ever done that to him before.


My birthday is April Fool’s Day. When I was twelve years old(I will turn 67! this year) my friends tried to pull a prank on me that back-fired. They obtained a beautiful box and inside of it was a lovely bottle(then empty) that had contained French perfume. They filled the empty bottle with cider vinegar and gave me the box with the beautiful perfume bottle filled with vinegar, that smells horrible, for my birthday gift. Much to their surprise and dismay, the French perfume fragrance was stronger than the vinegar and the liquid in the bottle(the vinegar) smelled wonderful! The April Fools birthday joke was on them!

Sharon Boyack

When I was young my family was close friends with another family who lived nearby. On April Fool’s day we decided to take them something. So my mom made a fake cake. It was made out of cardboard, stuffed inside with newspaper, and we frosted the outside with real frosting. It really did look like a real cake. We took it over with the whole family. When we got there they were so excited about the cake and thankful to us for it, that they sent us home with a bag of homemade cookies they were still in the process of making! On the way home my brothers couldn’t stop laughing thinking what it must have been like for them to cut into the fake cake to find newspaper and us coming home with the real treat, the cookies. I felt just awful and haven’t done a prank since.

Amy Young

I was working nights and came home about 1:30 A.M. and when I walked through the door I walked through spider webs (I am deathly afraid of spiders) and then when I went to brush my teeth there was a bloody hand in the medicine cabinet when I opened it, and each time I kept thinking that has to be the last of it! Then when I went to climb into bed there was a head on my pillow when I layed down! My husband thinks he is soooo funny!! I just about killed him!! But I have got him back over the years.

Janeal Pollock

One year my husband put a brick in my daughter’s backpack, he also brought me a big gulp home and when i went to drink it, realized he had tied the bottom of the straw in a knot. This year I want to decorate the outside of my sister’s house with horrible lawn ornaments. My friend had a crime scene set up outside her job, complete with the outline of a body with chalk… hilarious.


A few years ago I got my husband sooooooo good!!! I stitched the fly on his underwear closed, and then put that pair at the top of the drawer. He got dressed and went on his merry way to work. Now, my hubby drinks (not in a bad way) all day, and therefore frequents the restroom. I was sure it wouldn’t take long. He called a couple of times throughout the day, but never said anything. I was dying! Finally, around 3 pm, I got the call. I anwered sweetly, and he yelled, “I almost peed my pants!” I’m not sure I have ever laughed so hard!! Every year since then, he has checked his underwear thorougly on April Fool’s Day, “just to make sure!”.

Darcy Bohman

First of all, my birthday is on April Fool’s Day so I have always been the brunt of every joke. But my husband is the worst. Year after year he focuses on taunting me, and only me, with his jokes because it’s my b-day. He thinks he is so funny, and after years of putting honey on my toilet seat, honey in my shampoo bottle, cayenne pepper in my shower drain, etc. I had had enough. So, last year I decided it was my turn to get him back, and I did it big time! My husband is a Seminary teacher, and for a few years we have considered requesting a move to a warmer place because of my arthritis, but nothing has ever gone through. My husband loves the mountains and the snow and it would be really hard for him to move, although he is willing. Well, I had a great idea. I thought of the last place he would want to move, and I called up the principle at his Seminary and asked him to play along with me by calling my husband into his office and telling him that our area director had ordered that we were to move to Texas. Needless to say my husband came home in a very solemn mood, and I could tell he thought it was serious and it was eating him up. He told me that we had to move to Texas, and he acted so serious and contemplative about it, and told me we really needed to discuss it and contact the area director by the next day to let him know if we were going to comply. I couldn’t believe he believed the whole thing and was taking it so serious. My kids and I just laughed and laughed about it all day, but could tell it was torturing my husband. By that evening I decided he had had enough, so I sat down with him and the kids and we broke the news to him. He was very quite and I don’t think he was very amused. (He wasn’t willing to admit I had got him back big time). But needless to say, even though it was a little bit cruel, I was very proud of myself. For once, after years of being the brunt of the jokes, I was one up on him.

Jeannie Smedley

I had just finished talking to my mom on the phone. I told my kids “Grandma just said there is a circus in town, and there is a parade of elephants coming down our street.” We all ran upstairs to look out the window, including my husband. When I had everyone looking out the window I said “April Fool”, and we all had a good laugh. One of the funniest things is that my husband fell for it too, and we live on an ordinary quiet neighborhood street.

Djinni Yancey

Two years ago, two of my neighbors made large pots of soup and began this prank by knocking on another family’s door and asking if they were too late for the luncheon. Of course the neighbor had no idea what was going on and who had volunteered them to host this ‘luncheon’. After letting a bit of time go on, the April Fool’s joke was revealed and the family grabbed something to add to the luncheon and everyone went on to the next home. This went on for 10 or so homes with the group size increasing by a family each time. Finally after walking much of the area, we preyed on a willing home where everyone laid out their contributions and all involved had a great ‘spur of the moment’ lunch.

Jenn Nielsen

One year I placed a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer so that whoever turned on the water they would immediately get sprayed. Just remember that “you” did it because it back fired on me. I was the one who forgot and got sprayed all over. The kids laughed so hard and I was embarrassed because I was trying to get them. “I Fooled Myself” Needless to say I am more careful of where and what I do so that I don’t get myself ever again.

Debby Webster

Our daughter wrote from her mission a letter on April Fool’s day, or with the intent it would be received by us on April Fool’s Day, which we don’t remember. Needless to say her letter began as most of them did but somewhere at the bottom portion of one page of the letter she began explaining about a young man she had met in the city in which she was serving. She wrote about a number of things which certainly seemed to point to her showing significant interest in, infatuation with and/or even love for this young man. Wow! Did we ever become concerned! Her writing about this young man continued to the end of the page with possibly more to follow on the next page. We turned the page with considerable apprehension and concern! At the top of the page were the words “April Fools”! Never had we found ourselves in such a “gotcha” moment on April Fool’s Day.

Mark & Linda Smith

I would always make these peanut butter cookies with mini Snickers inside and bring them to work. My co-workers loved these cookies. I decided to make them and bring them to work on April Fool’s Day, only this time I put cotton balls inside instead of Snickers. It was so funny to watch the looks on their faces as they took a bite and the cotton would pull through their teeth.

Cammie Knudson

I used a sewing machine bobbin with white quilting thread (it is stronger than regular) to thread my needle, then sewed up through the shoulder seam just back of the shoulder on the dark jacket I wore for the day. I took off the needle and left a long thread and put the bobbin in my front shirt pocket. When some kind person tried to help me pluck off the thread, it got longer and longer. They got really embarrassed until I said “April Fool’s”. I then wound the thread back on the bobbin and got ready for the next person. A harmless prank that is a lot of fun.

Dorene Sudweeks

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