Vintage Game Boards

Studio 5 contributor Jenn Heslop shares some tips on turning your unused bored games into a fabulous piece of décor.

Tips for creating your own vintage décor:

1. Frame the board game and/or the playing pieces. You can purchase readymade frames or shadow boxes to save on costs.

2. Use a game board as a message board. Adhere metal office clamps to the board and clip up photos or important papers. To make the memo board even more unique, glue discarded game pieces to flat-head thumb tacks and use alongside the clamps.

3. Add hooks to a game board, mount it to a wall and use it as a hat or coat rack.

4. Create a unique end or coffee table simply by covering the table with a game board and covering the board with glass. Display the game pieces in a glass jar.

5. Add drawer pulls to a wood game board for a fun and funky serving tray.

6. Flat-backed game pieces (scrabble tiles, checkers, and bingo tokens) can be glued to a piece of cork to create unique coasters.

7. Use hot glue to embellish plain picture frames with dominos or scrabble tiles.

8. Create one-of-a-kind swizzle sticks or skewers by combining Pic-up-Stixs and a game piece. Simply hot glue the game piece to the top of the stix.

9. Display games on a wall by simply attaching a magnet to the back of the game board and adhering it to a magnet board or a wall painted with magnetic paint (found at Home Depot). Playing pieces can be stored in magnetic tins alongside the game board.

10. Make bracelets, pendants or rings, by simply hot gluing game pieces to readymade jewelry supplies. You can also easily drill through dominos or scrabble tiles and attach the pieces together using elastic cording or small eye screws.

11. Make a sheet of Monopoly money fabric by placing the money between 2 sheets of clear contact paper. Cover books, seat cushions, etc. with your fabric. This ides will also work with playing cards.

Sources for finding vintage games:


Local Thrift stores

Family & Friends

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