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Wake Up Happy: 3 Steps for an Intentional Morning Ritual

If you dread mornings, here’s how to wake up happy.

Have you ever heard of “morning dread”? It’s a feeling of heaviness when the alarm clock rings—a feeling many of us can relate to. So, we asked the question, “how can I wake up happy instead?”

Life coach Tiffany Peterson believes our morning routine significantly influences our day. She shares how to wake up happy and the transformative power of intentional mornings.

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3 Ways to Wake Up Happy

Tiffany emphasizes the idea that the way we start our day serves as the rudder steering the course of our day.

“When you say, ‘I’m going to be a more intentional creator of my day, it just puts your day on a different track,” Tiffany explains.

Setting Intentions for a Nourishing Start

Tiffany encourages us to envision our ideal morning, asking questions like, “How do I want my day to go?” and “What does my ideal morning look like?” Setting intentions involves a deliberate decision to start the day with nourishing activities, providing a foundation for a more mindful and purposeful day.

“I start my day with me,” Tiffany says, “and in my case, with God before I meet with the whole world.”

The Energy of Morning Habits

Tiffany discusses the energy impact of morning habits, emphasizing the need to protect our emotional and physical space. Checking smartphones in bed, she explains, introduces the energies of numerous people into our personal space, making a case for intentional morning habits as a form of energy gatekeeping.

“You make decisions, and you get really protective of your morning. It’s like a sacred territory of who’s allowed in my bedroom.”

The Power of Habit: Small Steps, Big Impact

While the immediate benefits of intentional mornings may vary, Tiffany emphasizes the power of habit. By consistently steering our thoughts and actions intentionally, we can shape our moods and ultimately enhance our overall well-being.

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