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Ali Fenlon from Rod Works Unique Wrought Iron Home Décor helps sort through the dos and don’ts for putting together the perfect wall display.

Rod Works is a local family owned business with 4 stores and 2 clearance centers along the Wasatch front. They design many of their own items– like the iron people and curtain rods. They will even teach their customers how to decorate their own homes without hiring a decorator.

You can go into any of their stores and get all the help you need with any project. Bring in pictures and measurements of your space and they will help you choose the best items for your look.

Fresh decorating ideas from the Draper Store…

• Iron Hangers bring a new dressed up look to any wall and the items hanging on it. Hanging a piece of fabric draped over them can really update a window, they can also be the answer to awkward spaces that curtain rods won’t fit. Iron Hangers and fabric don’t just have to hang over a window…anything can be framed with this look. A fireplace mantel, a large mirror, the headboard to your bed, the possibilities are endless.

• Iron Hangers are also used to hang items on the wall, A wreath has a whole new look with a Iron Hanger and ribbon, (the ribbon can be changed out to go with the seasons too!)

• Picture frames are another item that can be completely transformed with Iron Hangers and ribbon. Your pictures should always be the focal point of your wall but Iron Hangers and ribbon can help bring continuity to your look, bringing the colors and textures of the room together. They add a finished look to your wall.

Decorating tips:

Always make the pictures your focal point… when picking frames, Iron Hangers and ribbon take into consideration your wall color, the colors in the pictures themselves and your decor colors…keeping everything simple and monochromatic (all like colors) will help keep your focus on the photos and this will enhance the entire look and not take away from your pictures. If you’re looking for a dramatic look try Black and White photos with colored frames and ribbon in rich dark tones this gives a very distinct look but still highlights your photos.

Pictures should be hung at a comfortable eye level…Hanging them too high or too low will make seeing them a strain and they will not get the appreciation they should. If you’re doing a collage of pictures start from the center/middle and work your way out….keep in mind everything should be easy to see. If you must hang a little high try putting the larger easier to see pictures up and keep the smaller ones lower.

Fake Hang

With the Fake Hang you will never have pictures that won’t hang straight, or ribbon that frays because of the tension. This is the trick that keeps everything in its place. Rod Works personnel can show you how it is done.

Visit their website www.rodworks.com for tons of decorating ideas.

Rod Works…Where we help YOU decorate!

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