'love life' challenge

Want to be happier? Take the ‘Love Life’ Challenge

You’ve heard about living each day like your last. But have you ever actually done it? That’s where a new challenge comes in.

Dr. Matt Townsend shares details about the ‘Love Life’ Challenge.

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  • Thank you for the challenge Monday. My Dad had a mini stroke this week. Thankfully it wasn’t a big one. He will find out more on Friday. My Dad is blind and works in salt lake. What would normally take an hour to get there from his house usually takes much longer because he takes the handi transit bus. Growing up my Dad would leave before we would wake up and we never knew what time he would be back home. It all depended on traffic and weather. Sometimes he would come home, eat, get ready for tomorrow and go to bed but on the weekends we would work hard and play hard. He still has a few more years of work and then he retires. This challenge has made me realize that I need to ask the questions for Family History now and not wait. That I need to video all the amazing things that he does and the lessons his life can teach us. That I might not get to have my parents when I become a grandma. What’s most important is family and the memories you have and make together. I’m so grateful for all the memories I have of my parents and what they have taught me. Life is delicate and precious; live now not the “when…. I will….”. Thank you for the challenge!