Bored with your wardrobe? Freshen up your closet for $25…

Spring is a time to refresh and renew. And you can’t get through it without giving your wardrobe a little TLC too.

Emily McCormick shares ways to step up your fashion game, without blowing the budget on a whole new closet.


Step Up Your Fashion Game for Next to Nothing

You don’t want to go out and spend the whole budget on a new wardrobe for spring. But, with a few simple tips, you can get that effect for just $25. Here are Emily’s 5 tricks for freshening up your closet for the season.

1. Pair sneakers with skirts, $0

She’s said it time and time again. But this is the spring to grab the sneakers and the skirt and wear them in the same outfit! Short of grabbing your hot pink Nike’s, you don’t need a certain kind of sneaker, just make sure it’s neutral. You don’t need a certain kind of skirt. Your top can even be a little more dressy than you would think. This look screams spring. And, will cost you NOTHING!

2. Update the undershirt, $0

Move away from the tight, boxy, white, undershirt and do something fun. A flowy, silk blouse can be just the undershirt you need. An undershirt doesn’t need to have been made for that purpose, pick out an actual shirt to wear under things like overalls and jumpsuits. Turn your overshirt into an undershirt.

3. Crop your jeans, $0

Jeans coming out this season are hitting just above the ankle. But, instead of going out and buying a new pair, take the jeans you are about to throw out and crop them yourself. Grab the scissors and get creative! If you’re not a seamstress, good news. Don’t worry about hemming, the fray is in.

4. Repurpose your scarves

Don’t pack them away yet! Scarves are a big part of the spring fashion scene. Instead of the bulky, warm scarves, we’re seeing just a little tie around the neck. A little nod to the ’90’s, if you will. Pair with a white tee, a nice blouse, and mix and match your patterns. Bonus ways to wear: cowboy style, draped around your neck, and in your hair (there are a million ways to add a scarf to your hair!)

5. Buy a pair of wide-leg pants, $25

Invest. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, the wide-leg pant is IN! Go for the high waist and tuck the shirt and you’ll be looking chic. Hit up Target or H&M for some awesome $25 options.

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