Washer Pendant Necklace

We think the washer pendant would make a terrific camp craft. Studio 5 Contributor Janeal McOmie shows how to make it.

Supply List:

Patterned paper

Large metal washer

Mod Podge paste

Pourable acrylic resin, high gloss finish

Leather cord

Small scissors

Old pie tin

Sponge brush


1. Trace washer onto scrapbook paper. Cut circle and middle out with cuticle scissors.

2. Mod podge front and back of scrapbook paper onto washer.

3. Let mod podge COMPLETELY dry (appox. 15 minutes) or use a hair dryer to speed up process.

4. Prepare acrylic coating according to manufacturer’s directions. Use a plastic spoon to gently pour acrylic over the washer. It might drizzle over the edge slightly.

5. Let washer COMPLETELY dry again, this time at least 12 hours.

6. When dry, you can sand the edge of washer to make smooth or leave as is.

7. Attach leather strapping onto washer and enjoy wearing your beautiful new necklace!

Other tips:

• Find supplies at local craft stores.

• Use a sponge brush to paint on mod podge

• Mix acrylic mixture right before you are ready to poor onto washers. It will begin to solidify with in 15 minutes.

• Use an OLD pie tin or cookie sheet as a surface for drying washers.

For questions, or to purchase one of Janeal’s washer pendant necklaces, email Janeal at

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