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Studio 5 Girlfriend Guide: 3 ways to set yourself up for a positive 2024

You can create a positive 2024 for yourself.

Here’s a message to sit on… the kind of year you want to have is within your grasp.

Studio 5 Contributor Kelly Jensen shares three actionable steps to set your life on a positive course.

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How to Create a Positive 2024

1. Teach People How to Treat You

Kelly’s first nugget of wisdom is a game-changer: we can teach people how to treat us.

“Let’s make this the year where we mean what we say, and we say what we mean,” Kelly says.

In a world where telepathy isn’t a thing, expressing our preferences, needs, and desires is important. It’s like creating a personalized manual on how to love us best.

Kelly suggests, “Why not scaffold those things for the people we love to help them know just a little bit better how to love us?”

2. Just Take a Bite

Tackling big goals can be overwhelming. Kelly’s advice is to just take a bite. Break down your aspirations into manageable chunks. Whether it’s changing eating habits, organizing your life, or starting out on a fitness journey, start small. These little bites are scientifically proven to build trust and discipline.

“The more you do that, the more you trust yourself, the more you believe in yourself, the more discipline that you’re building, that next step is easier because you’ve already done it.”

Each step forward makes the next one easier. It’s all about building a strong foundation.

3. Hard Choices Now, Easier Life Later

Finally, Kelly hits us with a truth bomb: easy doesn’t equal happy. She challenges the idea that we’re always looking for shortcuts to an easy life. Instead, she says to square our shoulders toward hard choices. Her family’s motto for the year is, “hard choices now, easier life. Easy choices now, harder life.”

“Understanding what you value and what kind of life you want… you can make those hard choices and know that it’s going to pay off in the future.”

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