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Make life lighter! 4 ways to bring more laughter into your home

You can make life lighter with more laughter.

Life can throw some heavy stuff our way, but you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. We all crave more of it: more fun, laughter, and light.

Amber Jo Hodges, a mom, speaker, and author, shares how to make life lighter with laughter.

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How to Make Life Lighter With More Laughter

Finding Joy in Laughter

Amber believes in the power of laughter as a gift and a strength.

“If you’re operating at a 10 percent higher level, more power to you,” she says. Amber is all about bringing everyone up to that joyful level.

Navigating the Not-So-Sunny Days

Amber acknowledges that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Her advice?

“Embracing the dark moments and surrounding ourselves with positivity helps pull us back into the light.”

Order in the Laughter House

Surprisingly, Amber emphasizes the role of order in the house. A well-organized home contributes to mental well-being, allowing everyone to focus on joy rather than chaos. After all, a home that’s put together helps lighten our minds!

Prioritize Gratitude and Goals

Amber stresses the importance of prioritizing gratitude and aligning priorities with goals.

“My priorities play a big role in my mood and in the mood of everyone else in my home,” she says.

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