We asked you for our Question of the Week: What Twilight Character Are You Most Like?

Here is a sample of some of your responses.

I am most like Esme. I tend to be very protective and motherly. I am nowhere near as attractive, but as far as personality goes I would be like her.

Mirinda L.

I am most like Esme. I am married and have no kids, but seem to ‘adopt’ everybody else’s kids! I am always playing a motherly role when I am around children. My sister in law loves it because she gets to be ‘off duty’ whenever I am around! =)


I am Esme. I try to keep my children at peace with each other and I am motherly.

Anna W.

I think physically I look more like Bella, but personality wise I’m more like Rosalie. I am not an Edward fan and I don’t understand why Bella wants to become a vampire so bad. Plus my husband is a big furry guy with a high body temperature so he reminds me of a werewolf. Definitely on Team Jacob in my house.

Sarah F.

Team Edward!!! Even though Carlile is a guy and I am a woman I think that i am most like Him. I am quite reserved and will help anyone that I can despite the “Pain” that it puts me in.

Tanya L.

I am like Alice. She’s also my favorite character in the whole story. I am twilight obsessed and can’t wait till the movie comes out!! The quiz said that I am bubbly like her and the little petite brunette which is sort of true. I am team Switzerland (in case you don’t know, that means I’m not choosing sides). To win that package would be AMAZING!!!

Reyna C.

I am most like Esme. (so the quiz says) I am always taking care of everyone just like her.

JoJo L.

Love Love Love twilight. Bought fangs to wear to new moon.

Lisa R.

I love Edward so much!!!!!! I am so addicted to twilight. My whole family loves it so much. My mom is addicted to it more than I am. I am most like Bella.

Ashley A.

I am most like Emmett Cullen. I am a protector of Family and Friends. Love the Books and the Movie.

Jeramiah F.

I think I am most like Bella because I am very clumsy, don’t like attention, and I’m married to my Edward. I love the way Stephenie wrote Bella’s character to be someone we can all relate to.

Sara P.

I took an online quiz a while back and it revealed that I most resembled Esme, the mother figure. While I would’ve secretly loved to be Rosalie or Alice, I can’t deny that it’s pretty accurate!

Robin W.

I love Jacob Black so much. I have so many things of twilight. I bought a new shirt of Jacob just for the new moon movie I am going to. I am most like Jacob.

Alyssa R.

I am most like Bella because I’m really clumsy and because I don’t always see myself as I really am.

Sara J.

I took one of the quizzes and it said I am Bella. I am a bit of a Klutz, so that part definitely fits.

Christy M.

Love twilight so much. I am most like Alice.

Alexa R.

Most like Isabella Swan. I am very VERY clumsy, and as a result of this I hate attention of almost any kind. I am a very good person and I care a lot about those you love. I tend to be very reserved around other people, but you tend to open up around those I am most close to.

Shaylee C.

Twilight Rocks!!!! I am like Jacob. My mom calls me her little werewolf.

Richard R.

Hmmm, I can see myself in each of the female characters but if I had to pick just one I would say Esme. I care about others and don’t like it when there is contention around me.

Sue Y.

I took the quiz and it said I was Jasper Hale. Which is kinda weird since I’m a female. But interesting cause it fit me quite well.


I am most like Bella. Like Bella I seem to be a klutz at times and she also has a low self-image of herself and I seem to as well. Others are always telling me I am very pretty and good looking and I just don’t see what they are seeing. She can also be a bit boyish and shy at times and I seem to find myself doing more masculine things then feminine sometimes and it is harder for me to talk to people then some. As well Bella is willing to fight for those who she loves and I am most protective of those who I love. And I am especially willing to fight for love.

Brittany M.

I think I’m most like Bella. I’m just a huge clutz and have no coordination whatsoever. Also everything bad seems to find me.

Whitney E.

Esme because she doesn’t get involved unless she has to and she’s kind to everyone.

Trista S.

I was delighted with the results of my test, it said I was most like Bella because I easily accept people the way they are but I am very critical of myself. The thing is its true but as I read the books I did not realize that the reason I could relate so well with this young person is because I am like her in my views of others and myself. When I told others who the quiz said I was like they all said they could have told me that.

Catherine A.

I must be most like Bella because I will love Edward Forever!! I am a mother and grandmother, will be 60 next month, and Edward can rock my world anytime!

Holly K.


Allison R.

I am most like Alice Cullen because I act like her and I’m a total Twilight freak. I know a lot about all of the characters, but I know the most about Alice. I am funny, polite, friendly I almost always do things my own way without listening to other peoples’ advice, I love throwing parties, and occasionally shopping. I also can be kind of annoying at some times.

MiKayla S.

I think I am most like Edward’s brother, Jasper Hale. I usually have a strong sense of how other people around me are feeling. This is generally helpful, but taking in other people’s bad moods is never fun. I am also able to alter the general mood of the atmosphere around me at times. I have been able to brighten up a room with cheer, or even bring it down by being moody, though not often!

Amber H.

I took 2 tests, one said Alice, one said Angela. I don’t know why, but I am quiet, like Angela, not sure what similarities I have with Alice!


Rosalie because she is overly cautious and protective of her family.

Katie S.

I e-mailed you that I love Edward, I just wanted to add, my Mother 83-years-old is also embarrassed for me, so don’t feel bad.

Holly K.

I’m most like Edward because I’m very protective over the people I love, but I’m also a lot like Bella’s friend Angela because I’m quiet and shy.


I am the most like Esme. At first I was bummed because I wanted to be like Alice (favorite character) or like Bella. The more I thought about it the more I took it as a compliment. She puts her family first and works hard to make sure everyone is taken care of. As a mother of four I can relate. I put my children way before myself. I want new shoes…Paige’s jeans are getting a little short, My shoes can wait… I want to go to bed early…Tate forgot about a project due tomorrow, I crack open a Diet Coke. My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This Twilight phenomenon is a close second. 🙂

Holly F.

I am most like Alice because of are outgoing personality.


I am most like Esme because I am passionate, loving, and accepting. I am also motivated, and I have a sweet and friendly personality. I love spending quality time with my family and I never single anyone out.

Valarie S.

I took the quiz and it said I was most like Bella. I think it said that, because I am such a romantic when it comes to fighting for TRUE love!! Thanks. “Edward Die Hard!!”

Jena D.

I took a quiz that I found online and it says I am most like Esme Cullen because: Your maternal instinct to take care of people and be kind draw people towards you. You’re compassionate and loving, yet firm when you need to be. You appreciate hard work and value the beautiful results of your dedication to any project. That is probably pretty accurate.

Andrea C.

Well since I’m not a vampire, I’d have to say I’m most like Bella (before her transformation). I’m pretty pale, hate the wet rainy season, tend to have moments of stupidity, and I love things that sparkle 🙂 Just an average wife/mom with a thing for Edward. And yes, my husband does know about my crush. He’s learning to deal with my squeals anytime I see Robert Pattinson on TV.

Sarah R.

My mom says I am Jasper. I love to think about military strategies and am very observant.

Mitchell W.

I know a lot of people will probably say this as well, but I think I am most like Bella. And they will probably put that because they would love to be in her place aside the dashing Edward. So although that is true for me too,(: the real reason I can relate so much with her is this. A. I am stubborn and when I get something in my head I have to have that, or do that. Bella has in her head she will become a vampire someday and nothing can get in her way. And B. I have the same love and passion for things in life as she does for Edward. I am a total sap. Gotta love it! When a character falls so deeply in love with another, I feel that too, as if I’m there. So when her heart breaks in New Moon, I feel like mine is breaking with her.

Jamie C.

I can’t believe my mom didn’t get us tickets for the midnight showing. We did not realize they were already selling tickets. So I hope I win so we can go. I am like Emmet. I pick up on sports very quickly, however, I am good at the piano like Edward.

Austin W.

I am short and sweet just like Alice, and this answer. People also often say that I’m “weird” but I’m just unique! Oh and I love to throw a party and have fun!!!

Dorene K.

I think I am most like Rosalie. She has a real stubborn streak in her, and doesn’t like to be told what to do. In “Twilight”, when she was so angry about Bella moving into their little “family”, I didn’t agree with her, but I totally understood where she was coming from. She will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe, but it would be better if it were her idea…..

Julie B.

I took the quiz and I came out as Esme Cullen, guess it fits my age and life but I am good with that!! I love being a mother and having family around me and I am protective of those I love.

DeVonya M.

I’m most like Alice. I’ve been told I’m bubbly, cute, creative, and just love to have fun. I care about people’s feelings, always trying to make things right.

Christie W.

I’d like to nominate my Husband Brett Utley, because he most resembles Mike Newton. When I first started reading Twilight, Brett would tease me about my “hot and steamy” vampire Edward crush. I made Brett read the books because if he insisted on teasing me at least he should get his facts straight. When he finished reading New Moon (hmm… couldn’t stop at just Twilight could he?)Brett remarked boasted that he was no Edward because no “real” guy wants to know what a girl is thinking, instead labeled himself more of a Jacob. Sunny and friendly and very “wolfish”. As my reply I gave him a big kiss and told my sweetheart that he’s no Jacob either. Instead Brett is my adorable lost golden retriever puppy Mike Newton. Brett told me to shut up and walked away.

Danylle U.

I took the quiz and I am most like Alice. I am the shopping queen and love to throw parties. I hope that it is true because I love Alice! Can she be my best friend?

Jinii B.

I must be the most like Bella because my husband is the perfect combination of Edward and Jacob! So I don’t have to choose a team! How lucky am I!!

Michelle R.

I can’t find your quiz to take but I think I am more like Alice. She seemed to accept Bella right away, was kind and helpful. I am more that type of person.

Bonnie W.

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