We Scream for Unique Ice Cream

As the temperature climbs, the need (yes, it’s absolutely a need) for frozen goodness increases proportionally. Nothing helps beat the heat quite like a flavorful scoop of ice cream in a crisp, crunchy cone. And because every day is occasion enough to head to your local ice cream parlor, we put together a list of eight unique ice cream flavors to add into the rotation.

1. Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip & Salty Caramel – Howdy’s SLC

Instead of a pit stop at your favorite drink drive-thru, reach for this flavor combination instead. Spice cherry soda meets salty sweet caramel in an unexpected burst of all of your favorite things.

2. Strawberry Shortcake – Normal Ice Cream

It’s an upgraded version of the classic strawberry cone. Twists and turns of sweet cream paired with strawberry compote and shortcake crumble make this flavor an obvious choice for fruity ice cream lovers.

3. Salted Oreo – Wasatch Creamery

A little touch of salt makes everything better – even a classic Oreo ice cream! For those wary of stepping outside of their creamy comfort zone, this is a baby step in the right direction.

4. Olive Oil and Pineapple Sorbet Twist – Normal Ice Cream

Run, don’t walk, to snag this twist before its time on the menu comes to an end. It’s a limited edition flavor that’s guaranteed to expand to your flavor profile and satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Marion-berry and Biscoff Soft Serve – Sweet
Cream Bar

Provo’s newest sweet spot is soft serve heaven! This combination is just the right amount of fruity goodness and shortbread in every bite. Bonus tip: pair it with a specialty cone.

6. Gingersnap & Yuzu Ice Cream Sandwich

Skip the cone and opt for gingersnap cookies instead.
Add vanilla with a touch of yuzu caramel and you’ve got yourself a fancy treat without the fancy price tag.

7. Honeycomb – Rockwell

It’s an extra sweet take on the popular sugar cereal. Homemade honeycomb with little crunchy bits will leave your tastebuds swimming in creamy honey and texture that’s just right.

8. Homemade Toasted Marshmallow Concrete Shake – Sweet Cream Bar

If you want to skip the fire pit hassle but still crave a roasted mallow, head on over to Sweet Cream Bar. You can choose your base flavor, but request (aka politely demand) it be topped with actual toasted marshmallows to complete the experience.

Eat an extra scoop or two for us!

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