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Weighing ingredients DOES make a difference! Add a kitchen scale to your baking tools

Your recipes will turn out better when you use a kitchen scale.

By Lauren Tippetts

We’ve heard that weighing ingredients makes your finished product turn out better, but is that really the case? Brooke Homec says it is. She showed us how to make coffee cake cookies, and brought her kitchen scale along with her.



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“It just makes it so that we know how much flour we’re putting in, ” Brooke points out. “Because, a cup of flour to you might be a cup and a half of flour to me.”

“You feel like it affects the quality and the texture of the cookie,” Brooke Walker mentions.

“It does because over-flouring your cookie is going to make it super thick, not enough flour is going to make it too thin,” Brooke says.

Aside from being more accurate, it saves you time and energy in the kitchen! One tool means less clean up.

“You just put the bowl on here, you add everything, it makes it better because you don’t have to use measuring cups, it’s way easier clean up.”

We know converting cups to grams might seem a little tricky, but, Brooke Walker makes this point, “most recipes these days are coming with both… the weight and the measurement.”

Set yourself up for success when trying a new recipe. Make your measurements more accurate, and the clean up minimal, with a kitchen scale you’ll find yourself using all the time.

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