watermelon slicer

This Weird Looking Watermelon Slicer Cuts Perfect Cubes in Seconds

By Lauren Tippetts

Watermelon. It’s the epitome of summer, and we can’t get enough of it! But all the slicing and dicing can get tedious. Of course, it’s worth it in the end, to enjoy the wonderfully juicy treat we all crave on a hot day. But this funny looking watermelon slicer can make everything much more simple.

One-Step Watermelon Slicer, $7.97

It looks kind of like a pinwheel stuck on the end of a steel stick. But oh, it is so much more. Here’s how it works. Cut your watermelon in half and trim one end. Then, all you do is push the pinwheel end through the watermelon. That’s literally it! It churns out the perfect fruit chunks to snack on, make into a fruit salad, or serve at dinner. There’s nothing else to it.

So slice on! Enjoy all the summer watermelon while it lasts!

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