Welcome Spring With Moss Projects

While we patiently wait for spring blossoms to burst and our bulbs to show color, consider building some green foundations to showcase the pending arrival. Moss is the perfect material to build that foundation.

Michelle Virtue from BYU’s Campus Floral explains how to work with moss and shows some projects to help welcome in spring.

There are SO many types of beautiful moss available—some varieties come dry while others can be purchased as plants. My favorite moss is floral grade green sheet moss. It’s actually a florists best friend. Sheet moss hides mechanics and is easy to mold and shape into any form.

Sheet Moss Basics:

1. Soak the moss in room temperature water for at least 5 minutes

2. Drain the moss or squeeze out excess water to avoid drips and spills.

3. Shape the moss around wet foam, wood pieces, wreath forms or topiaries.

4. Pin it down with greening pins or wire.

Now the fun begins. Moss can be a foundation for a simple flower arrangement. It sames time and extra expense associated with foliages. It is an excellent addition to terrariums or natural garden style arrangements. Moss can also stand alone—just be sure it is fresh and a bright shade of green. Cover monograms, use it for a woodland buffet tablescape OR cover varied sizes of orbs. Get your MOSS ON!

You can find more floral ideas at BYU’s Campus floral or online at http://www.campuscraftfloral.com/

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