DIY Tree Decor

Add earthy charm to your space, by decorating with trees! We’ve spotted stylish tree inspiration at home décor hot-spots like Pottery Barn and West Elm, but you can make your own!

Liberti van Gass shares simple DIY tree décor that will make a statement in any room.

I love the fun of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ by spicing up your décor with TREES! Trees are so versatile, easy to come by & a great cheap way to add a statement to any room. The following are a few ideas of bringing Tree’s into your space, don’t let these limit you – use your imagination along with a little creativity and the possibilities are endless!

Jewelry ‘TREE’ : We’re taking it literal & using a Tree to store & display jewelry (little girls hair bows are also darling hanging on a tree!). Gather yourself some dried out, sturdy branches, a vase or fancy pot & some rocks. Cut the branches to your needed height and arrange them in the vase keeping them in place with the heavy rocks. If you choose you can always fancy it up a bit by painting (Spray paint works great!) the rocks or trees, adding a bow to the vase or whatever you want!

Branch Rod: Instead of the regular curtain rod, use a tree branch! All you need to do is find a branch and cut to the length you need, removing all large extending branches so your curtains can move freely. Thread on your curtains and hang using regular rod hardware. A unique and inexpensive way to add to your decor.

Stump Vase: I love the look of this, outdoors mixed with fresh flowers! Simply hollow out a large stump, I would recommend 12-18 inches in diameter, and insert an old vase (a jar of any kind would also work) add water to your vase and arrange your fresh flowers -such a cute centerpiece for any table!

Tree wall hanging: Looking for a unique wall hanging?? This tree will bring so much character to your space! Use an open picture frame (no glass) of your desired size, cut a piece of foam board to fit securely in the frame, mod podge on tissue paper (I did this for texture, but it isn’t necessary) in whatever color you want (you could also paint the board if you choose). Next draw on your tree and paint it then hot glue on any flowers you choose. I homemade my flowers but you can always find fun flowers at any craft store.

Holiday Tree: I love the idea of having a tree I can decorate for every holiday & in between, not just for Christmas. Get a bundle of 48″ wood lathes at Home Depot (they cost around $13.00 & there’s plenty to do more than one tree). Figure out the size you would like your tree, leave one lathe long as the ‘backbone’ of your tree and attach the others with small nails or screws (in some cases the screws worked better so the wood doesn’t crack). Add other small screws or nails as ‘hangers’ on your tree to hang your decorations from. I then attached the whole tree right to my wall, if you choose not to do this you could back it with a thin wood and create a wall hanging.

Fingerprint Family Tree: This is one of my favorites, A unique way of displaying your family tree. Create a blank tree picture by using clipart or drawing it (you can also purchase these on Etsy). Customize it with your family name then have each member of the family add their fingerprint to the tree (the fingerprints become the leaves of the tree) using a stamp pad, everyone then signs their name by their fingerprint. As new members join the family you can add their prints to the tree! I’ve also seen this same idea used as a ‘guest book’ at a wedding -just have all the guests fingerprint & sign their names on the tree.

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