“Welcome to Summer” Party

The sun is out, it is the end of May, and you see all the neighborhood kids
walking down the street with papers flying into the road. This must mean
school is out and Summer is here!

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares fabulous ways to celebrate the
big event with a “Welcome to Summer” bash!

Your reaction could be
A. Ugggh! Summer is here
B. Greet them with a Summer Party that will knock them over!!

We will greet the kids with a fun “Welcome to Summer Sign” Let them run
through it and show them how fun this summer is going to be!!

Print your own “Welcome to Summer” sign by contacting your local
Alphagraphics location near you and mentioning Studio 5! They will have
the files for the poster and other fun printable party labels ready for you to
print! Two options, Black and White & Color.

Start your Summer Party by concentrating your activities around the letter
“S”, that is “S” for SUMMER! The party shown concentrated on Yellow for the
main color scheme, but used accents of Orange, Turquoise, and Green to

The Darling ROUND BALLOONS you can find at Pioneer Party in Lehi! They
were placed at each station to show the kids where the next game was to

Following the run-through poster, you will first see:

“S” is for Snowcones!

Rent these great “Snow cone” machines at Party land. (locations in Lehi,
Orem, Springville, & St. George) $50 per day. Ice and syrup must be
purchased separately! Don’t forget the darling “S” is for Slurp Straws, and
some “S” is for Sip waterbottles!

Next will be “S” is for snapshots.

Grab a prop of your choice, sunglasses, snorkels, or swimming goggles for
photo of your child and their friends that they will love to enjoy all summer.

Download & Print your own props and other darling party favors at

Who wouldn’t love a HUGE “SLIP N’ SLIDE” for the kids to enjoy!

This slip n’ slide was created with 3 Billboard signs, however plastic from a
local hardware store works well too!

Last is “S” is for Splash

We simply filled normal sized birthday balloons with water, and tied them
on a string between two trees. Using a plastic bat, challenge your kids to
break the balloons off the rope! Believe it or not, they are harder than you
would think to break!

Some great ideas for additional things to make your summer party

If your party is a little more intimate, grab a pair of flip flops at the dollar
store and let them decorate them. You can have jewels, silk flowers, pre-
made felt flowers, & ribbon. Let the kids be creative!


There are endless possibilities when it comes to sprinkler heads. The kids
will run through the sprinklers for hours! Two of my favorites that I found
at Target were:

Little Tikes Ball Sprinkler

Banzi Geyser Blast Sprinkler

Don’t let the kids leave for Summer vacation without a treat!
You can give them a “Box of Sunshine” which would include:
A cute yellow box
Sunkist soda
Candy that start with S (skittles and starburst are great ones)
Sidewalk Chalk

The possibilities are endless!

Here to Download Summer Printables

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