What To Bring In Your Hospital Bag:

There are many things mothers worry about when anticipating the birth of their baby. What to bring to the hospital should not be one of them. It is recommended that you pack your hospital bag when you are around 36 weeks along. That way you can be prepared and ready to go once your little one decides to make their debut!

Here is a hospital checklist and some of my favorite products to go along with it.

1. Documents:
Insurance card, ID, birth plan

2. Toiletries:
-Lip Balm: your lips will definitely need it!
*EOS Lip Balm is moisturizing, inexpensive and not to mention very cute!
($2.99 drugstores and grocery stores)
-Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner
-Hair elastics, headbands
-Yummy smelling lotion, body spray

3. Clothing:
-Comfy loungewear: clothing that you can easily nurse in.
-Robe, pajamas, nightgown
-Socks: preferably socks with grips on the bottom.

4. Nursing:
-Nursing pillow
*Boppy Pillows are durable and help carry the weight of your baby so you don’t have to. ($29.99 at Target)

-Nursing Pads
*My favorites are Lilypadz. They are sleek, fit well, and are cheaper than the disposable kind. ($19.89 at Target)
-Nursing bra

5. Entertainment:
-Snacks for husband

6. Baby:
-Swaddling blanket
*Aden and Anais blankets are large, soft and breathable. ($34-49 on Amazon.com)
-Going home outfit
*This is a MUST. The hospital will not allow you to leave without one.

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