What Your Husband Needs to Hear

Your husband secretly wants to hear something from you. Most men have complaints that leave them frustrated when they don’t get the feedback they crave. They need to hear five compliments from you.

Studio 5 Relationship Coach Matt Townsend shares the words your husband is dying to hear.

Men Want To Know What Makes You Happy
There is no gift that a man appreciates more in his partner than to know that she is truly happy. When a man knows his wife is happy, he feels more confident in himself, more self-assured, probably because for some odd reason he believes that your happiness had something to do with him. It also means that there is nothing immediate to have to fix or work on, which undoubtedly cause more stress on both of you. In fact, you may have noticed that some of your biggest arguments probably escalated in the moment that you showed your partner how truly unhappy you were. You can start by saying…

· “You make me happy when you….”
· “My day is so much better when you…”

We Need To Know What You Do Love About Us
The ability to love someone or something just the way they are, and without expecting anything in return, is unconditional love. Others say unconditional love is God’s love. This unconditional love is regularly demonstrated by women towards their children as you seem to quickly forgive and forget their mistakes, their insincerities or where they’ve taken you for granted. Your husbands want the same benefit! Your unconditional love towards us is contagious, and the more you interact with us using it, the more infected we become.

· “The one thing that I would never want to change about you is….”
· “My favorite trait about you is…..!”
· “I just love this about you…..”

We Like To Know That What We Do Really Makes A Difference
Remember that generally speaking, men tend to relate more to what they are doing than the relationships around us, so noticing what we do actually builds our relationships with you. Being grateful for what we do for the family matters just as much to men as it does to women in the world, and showing that gratitude is one of the healthiest habits there is. It pushes us to find the good in everything and keeps us humble, realizing that there is so much more that could go wrong. In the ears of a man, nothing seems to be more comforting than hearing what we are doing well, especially by the woman who matters most in our life. No compliment is better received than the simple act of gratitude for a job well done. Your example of showing an attitude of gratitude raises everyone around you and teaches us how to do the same.

· “The biggest difference you make in our family (or relationship) is that you…”
· “Babe, Thanks for doing ____________ it really helps me/or our family out this ________________ way.

We Want To Know That You Do Notice Our Leadership In The Family.
I have found that most wives would love to see more leadership in their family from their husbands — a goal that even the husband would love to step up on. One key compliment that would help the men better lead the family would be the ability of the spouse to notice the subtle moments where they see the leadership they are after. Begin to notice when we are modeling our leadership qualities, like vision, goal setting, task management, family meetings or team building. Instead of critiquing our approach to getting results with the kids, begin to embrace the fact that we are trying to lead, even if we don’t have all the skills to get it done. Compliment us when we seem to be demonstrating self-confidence, calmness in times of emotion, a different plan that may actually bare some fruit. Notice when we are taking the lead on something and let us try to lead it our way, even if it is not the way you would have done it. In the end, one of the best ways to create a better leader in your man is to let your man lead and to compliment him when he does.

· “I know you are a great leader in our family and I love it in particular when you take charge with…”
· “Babe, I love it when you do______________with our kids and family!”

We Want To Know You Are Still “Warm For Our Form”
Every human being wants to feel like the person they are married to is attracted to them. Many men feel like they are the primary drivers of the physical relationship in their marriage, which for them seems like a subtle clue that you are not that interested in them. You may have heard your partner complain that you never initiate sex or affection, which is simply a sign that they need to be shown that you still find them attractive. In the end, complimenting how attractive you feel he is is a great way to boost his confidence and to keep him more attracted to you. You feel well provided for.

· “Babe, you are so cute when you
· “I just love your….
· “When we are intimate, I love it when you…”

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