Whatchyagot Bags: The New Way To Pack

Julie Gallegos explains the history behind and the benefit of the new bags.

WhatchyaGot Inc. is a company that has been founded on the basis of both love and lack. This a great story of inspiration, courage and compassion– a daughter’s love for her father, and her determination to fill a need for people with special needs.

Julie Gallegos, founder and President of Whatyagot, noted that the market lacked a bag for her father to carry that would offer him convenience, comfort, and a sense of freedom as he battled an illness. Determined to help, she took on the challenge of finding a solution that would enable him to move with greater ease throughout his day. The Whatchyagot bag series was born—and this fashionable, economic, and truly useful tool is now readily available for others to enjoy.

Whatchyagot provides a way of organizing medication and supplies, in a bag that combines high quality with classic good looks and innate usefulness. It is a customized case that offers multiple compartments to organize medications, vitamins, personal care products, and items that may require temperature control. The WhatchyaGot bag is like no other. It has a one of a kind insulated pocket to place snacks that may be needed to take with medications, for blood sugar reasons, or to carry liquids, gels or baby formula. It is ideal for travel providing the convenience to carry a variety of items in a way that is both functional and organized. This specialty bag is only $59.97 and comes with a removable on-the-go bag and a cell phone holder.

This great bag can be used for so many purposes!
   • Diaper bag
   • Frequent traveler
   • Daily medication
   • Makeup bag
   • And so much more!

Whether you are a mother, father, frequent traveler, take medication daily, or simply want a bag that you can use for any and all needs, this is the solution for you. It can easily hold 50 items!

Julie wants to give back in big ways. Her goal and commitment is to give back to families affected by cancer and/or illness or loss by creating a “buddy system” through ‘meet-and-greets’ and activities set up where they can get together and get away from the daily stress and worries by enjoying a day/evening of fun with other people that understand and can relate to them. Julie has been there, has seen and felt the effects through her own personal experiences and journey.

She is determined to make a difference in the lives of people by creating and designing products that offer an easy and functional alternative while providing comfort and confidence whether at home or away from home.

During the month of December, Whatchyagot will give 20% to charity, and an additional 20% discount to clients, in an effort to help during this tough economy, while giving customers an opportunity to purchase one of these great bags at a special price for the holidays. This will increase the charitable funds to help families affected by cancer, other illnesses, or loss, and offers a true win – win situation. Giving back, while getting a great bag– which in turns gives more back!

You can see the bags and learn more at whatchyagotbags.com.
Starting Tuesday, December 7, there is a chance to purchase the bags at 40% off for this week only, while supplies last. To take advantage of this, visit http://www.ksl.com/public/deal/show/376.
If it is past that date, you can still save 20% by visiting whatchyagotbags.com/kslstudio5. This is a limited time offer.
You can also call Julie at 801-860-5777.

Julie plans to give more to charity in December to assist families in need of a bag, medication, food, or gifts. If you’d like to make a donation to help her in this effort, please email her at julie@whatchyagotbags.com.

If you are interesting in purchasing one-or more- of these great cases, for yourself or for a loved one, please call or email Julie@whatchyagotbags.com any time!

If you are a reseller, and are interested in adding this great product to your line, please contact Julie Gallegos at info@whatchyagotbags.com or 801-860-5777 for more information.

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