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Tiffany Avery, owner of Oopsie Daisy, teaches us some tips on how to remodel and redecorate your child’s bedroom.

Creating a Nursery

1. Define Your Style: Your particular design direction will act as the foundation of your nursery. Whether it’s a classic nursery, vintage nursery, modern nursery, or an eclectic nursery, your nursery is a place that should be unique to your family.

2. A Design Formula: Once you’ve established your design direction, looked for inspiration, considered the furnishings available to you, and pondered the mood you want to create, you are ready to choose your design focal point. It is the stand-out item that is the star of your nursery. It is that special item, element, of color combination that attracts the eye the moment a visitor walks into the room.

3. Choosing Furnishings: When it comes to thinking about nursery furniture, you need only consider four main actions: Sleep, Change, Feed, and Store.

4. Bedding & Textiles: The textiles in your nursery- crib bedding, window treatments, glider upholstery, and rugs- are an essential statement in the overall design of the room.

5. Walls: Walls create the ambience in your nursery, whether you seek airiness, warmth, whimsy or drama. Once you’ve settled on your textiles, your wall treatment should fall easily into place.

6. Art & Accessories: You’ve chosen your key furnishings and settled on your wall treatment, now it’s time for fun. The objects you hang on your walls and place throughout the room should communicate vision for this one-of-a-kind nursery.

Tips from Nursery Style

By Serena Dugan & Lily Kanter

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