What’s New in Your Neighborhood: San Gelato Café

Robert Avery, Franchisee of San Gelato Café, demonstrates how to prepare four different recipes using gelato.

Gelato is the evolution of ice cream. Gelato is very well received by the consumer, and the added benefits of this time honored Italian tradition are a great growth vehicle in this demanding market.

• Gelato is naturally 93% FAT FREE

• Gelato contains proteins, vitamin A and almost all the B group vitamins

• Sorbet is naturally 100% FAT FREE

• Sorbet is made with only fresh fruit, filtered water, sugar, and natural stabilizers

• Gelato and Sorbet have no additives or artificial ingredients added.

• Gelato is very smooth and velvety, extremely rich in taste, but not in fat.
Gelato is delicious but diverse and can be added to your next dessert to give it a special Italian twist! Use it to create gelato spaghetti, hot cocoa, apple pie and even pumpkin pie. You’re one spoonful away from an authentic Italian experience!

San Gelato Café is an upscale Italian Gelateria and Café where you are cordially invited to an authentic and Bellisimo Italian experience. It’s like a trip to Italy right in your own neighborhood! Experience Authentic, Artisan Gelato and Sorbet, an abundance of espresso coffee drinks, savory Italian café cuisine, exquisite Desserts and Pastries, beautiful décor and enjoyable ambience.

San Gelato Café

11259 Kestrel Rise Rd

South Jordan, UT 84095

(801) 254-9500


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