Wheat Grass Décor

Wheat Grass Décor

Wow your friends and family this Easter with an impressive, centerpiece made of wheat grass! It’s a trend popping up everywhere on blogs right now. From fun, bright tablescapes to simple centerpieces, wheat grass is the perfect way to add color and texture to your Easter decor. Best of all, it’s inexpensive, and so easy to grow.

Blogger Susan Petersen of the blog “Freshly Picked” shares how to make your own wheat grass décor.


Use any container.

If the container doesn’t have holes in the bottom, then put a layer of pebbles down for drainage.

Mix your soil with water + fill container about 3/4 full.

Put a layer of seeds down.

Cover with soil.

Water with a light stream, either a watering can or spray bottle.

You should have a full patch within 7-10 days.


You will need masking tape, stick, scissors + pen.

Fold tape over stick.

Cut edges to look like a flag.

Write the name on the tape.


I used paint sample chips.

Cut Easter eggs out of the chips.

Punch holes in the top of the eggs.

String yarn or thread or fishing wire through the holes.

Tie to two sticks.

Freshly Picked is a sewing + design blog full of tutorials, inspiration, fashion + good design.

Susan Petersen is the crafty lady behind Freshly Picked

See more at freshlypicked.blogspot.com

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