holidays are hard
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When Holidays are Hard: 6 things to help you make the most of the best, and worst, of times

These things will help you through when the holidays are hard.

Whether you’re dealing with a loss or a health setback, sometimes the holidays aren’t cheery. Whatever you might be facing, Christmas can sometimes feel like a Charles Dickens novel – “the best of times, the worst of times.”

Jennie Taylor shares some powerful advice for facing the holiday season when life is hard. Having lost her husband, Major Brent Taylor, while deployed in Afghanistan, the bittersweet holiday feeling is an emotion she knows firsthand. Jennie says we need to get rid of the word “should.” Let go of expectations for what we think the holidays should be like and you will experience incredible relief.

Find Jennie’s Podcast, Relentlessly Resilient, here.

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