Whipple Plumbing: Toilet Traps

. Kent Whipple with Whipple Plumbing has a tutorial on what we should and shouldn’t do to avoid those nasty toilet traps.

What never to put down your toilet

1) Paper towels – kitchen or commercial

2) Nothing that doesn’t come from a human body … except toilet paper

3) No feminine products

4) Toys, toothbrushes, cellphones (or any items in your pockets)

5) No disinfecting wipes (these wipes are too thick to dissolve and are difficult to treat at treatment plants

How to deal with a clogged toilet

1) Use a contoured plunger, if possible. But a regular plunger is good, too

2) Gently pump a couple of times, then pump rapidly (this should dislodge most clogs)

3) If you need to add water to the bowl, don’t flush. Rather get water from another faucet and pour in bowl with a bucket

4) If the above doesn’t dislodge the clog, repeat above

5) If the above doesn’t dislogde, try a rotor device or “snake”

6) If the above doesn’t dislodge, call Whipple Plumbing

Another helpful suggestion:

Don’t use bleach tablets to clean toilets. It could break down the metal parts and eat the rubber gaskets. Use “bio-clean” products that break down clogs with natural enzymes.

Special #1

Get a brand new toilet including installation, labor and parts (a $600 value) … ONLY $299

Special #2

Get any one drain in your home draineded … ONLY $99

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