Pie Crust Tips: Becky Low

Pie Pans – glass, foil, dark, shinny. What is the best pan to use?

– glass or dark pans brown the best

– if using shiny pan, move rack down one level in oven

Shortening, Lard or Oil – which is the best for making pie crust? Is one healthier?

– pie is not considered “healthy”

– all pie should be eaten sparingly – BUT Thanksgiving is the day to enjoy it and not feel guilty

– all fat has the same number grams, just difference in type of fat

– all will make a “tender” crust, but not necessarily flakey

– lard makes the flakiest crust

Is there a trick to making a flakey crust?

– use lard

– have all ingredients ice cold

– “cut” fat into flour (as opposed to stirring or smashing)

– don’t over mix or work the crust

– sprinkle in water, toss gently with a fork

How do you make a “shell” for cream pie?

– prick bottom & sides with a fork

– allow pie crust to relax or rest before baking

– pie weights (or dry beans or rice)

– to keep a flakey crust, avoid filling until last minute

How do you avoid fruit pie spill overs?

– pre-cook filling

– seal edges well

– place pie pans on cookie sheet or foil to bake

How do you make a pretty browned top?

– brush with milk

– brush egg wash

– sprinkle with sugar or cinnamon/sugar

How do you prevent the edge from over cooking?

– pie shields

– strips of foil

Any time savings tips?

– cut fat into flour and salt ahead and refrigerate

– place one recipe pie crust in zip loc bags

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