Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?

Life is not a fairy tale – it doesn’t go the way we think it will – we hit potholes along the yellow brick road of life.

Kelly Swanson helps bust the myths about the fairy tale you might be carrying around and tells us what to do instead.
There are three major myths that we buy into after listening to fairy tales during our childhood.

1. Myth Number 1: That we are at the mercy of the wicked witch/fairy godmother/or a charming prince riding up on a white horse to save you. Or that our life is this way because we didn’t have, because we didn’t get, because nobody ever……the excuses we let hold us captive.

Truth: Life is not what happens to us – but the story we write with the things that happen to us.
We are not the reader of our fairy tale – we are the author. And only until you acknowledge that you are the only thing you can control in your life – will you be able to write a new story.

SEE what it is you want. In detail. Many of us know we don’t like the life we have – but we don’t have a clear idea – or vision – of the life we want. And we wonder why we don’t get it, when we aren’t really sure what “it” even is!

2. Myth Number 2: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. We look in the mirror to tell us who we are. We think we’re supposed to look like the women in the movies, the princess of the fairy tale or that our house is supposed to be spotless, like in the commercials.

Truth: You are not here to fit the world’s definition of who you should be. Stop looking around. It’s not about the package – or the money – or the stuff – or who feeds their kids better. It’s about YOU, and knowing that you are good enough – without needing the world’s approval.

BELIEVE – You are stronger than you think – braver – more treasured – more valuable – if you’re still here you aren’t done yet. The mind is powerful – and you will believe what it tells you. So if you tell yourself you can’t do it, you’re right.

3. Myth Number 3: We need to wait for someone to come save us and help us out in one pretty little easy magic step. In the fairy tales, someone comes to the rescue and the problem is solved in one step and you’re at the happily ever after. They don’t tell you about that next chapter, where the honeymoon has ended, real life has set in, and suddenly you’re getting a good idea of what forever’s gonna’ feel like.

Truth: It’s not easy. There are no shortcuts, big breaks, or other people who are responsible for making your life work. It takes a plan. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

DO – Write down the plan – the vision – and the steps you will take to get there. Take those big pieces and turn them into tiny bite-sized pieces – turn the “I can’t do that” into “but I can do this.” I can’t run a marathon, but I can park farther away in the parking lots to get more exercise. I can’t take a weekend off for myself, but I can take thirty minutes a day. I can’t write a book – but I can write a chapter.

Make yourself want it bad enough. Motivation can’t come from outside – it has to come from within. And you will hit that moment when the excitement fades and you are worn out again. And it’s up to you to rewrite that story. Don’t be scared. Fear is just another story you write. Change it.

You can learn more about Kelly at her website, http://www.kellyswanson.net/index.cfm

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