Who’s Got the Button?

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop has found all sorts of new ideas for the traditional button.


Button Ideas

1. Use buttons as fringe- thread buttons onto thread. Sew onto scarves, table runners, placemats, etc.

2. Button topped box- decorate a box or canister using buttons & hot glue.

3. Adorn slippers, purses, sweaters, etc with decorative buttons

4. Thread shanked buttons on wire or elastic to create napkin rings or jewelry.

5. Dress up pillows with coordinating buttons.

6. Fill a glass vase with buttons.

7. Dress up magnets by hot gluing on a button.

8. Create a trivet or coaster by “tiling” with buttons.

9. Group a bunch of buttons together using string and create a decorative “pull” for a lamp chain.

10. Buttons as a monogram. Print a letter stencil from computer. Trace onto object and fill in with buttons.

11. Hot glue a button over top a picture hanger to create a decorative nail-head.

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