Kleins Countertops: A Cleaner, Safer Kitchen


The first step in improving our indoor environment is to understand its common pollutants. These include product off-gassing, poor ventilation for cooking, old furnace filters, scented candles and some household appliances.

Product off-gassing refers to the fumes and chemicals that products give-off as they age. These off-gasses can range from relatively harmless carbon dioxide to cancer causing radon.

While customers don’t need to rush off and replace all of their home’s products with Greenguard certified products today, they should do what they can to improve their homes ventilation systems and then look for Greenguard certified products during their next purchase.

One such Greenguard certified product is Silestone. Throughout its life it has been certified to never off-gas or release fumes. Silestone also never needs chemical treatments for sealing or cleaning.

Silestone is a zero-maintenance product and only needs mild soap and water cleaning after usage.

The food you prepare on Silestone and the air you breathe in a Silestone kitchen is as clean and close to nature as you can get.

Granite, which is commonly sealed with harsh chemicals to prevent staining, will off-gas significantly throughout its lifetime. In fact, most countertop surfaces will off-gas throughout their lifetime, contributing to poor indoor air quality.

You don’t simply have to utilize Silestone for zero-off gassing. Other quartz surfaces are also Greenguard rated. However, they don’t have the added protection of Microban.

Microban protection prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and other microbes on its surface making it consistently cleaner than any other kitchen surface.

The combination of these surface and air qualities is why Silestone promotes it is the cleaner, safer surface for you and family.

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