Why is she single?

Everyone knows a really incredible girl who just doesn’t date as much as she should…or maybe you’re that girl.

Popular blogger Natalie Hill of the forum “Mormon in Manhattan” stops by Studio 5 with her theory as to why.

Everyone knows a really incredible girl who just doesn’t date as much as she should…. or maybe you’re that girl.

This idea started when Shabby Apple founder, Athelia Woolley, and I were thinking about all of our stunning friends who weren’t dating enough and we found 3 areas in which our girlfriends could use improvement:


– exercise for you happiness, and your confidence.

– the goal is to be healthy, not skinny .

– try different activities to keep yourself motivated or, if you don’t like working out, find an activity that works for you (Zumba, Anti-Gravity Yoga, cycling , rock climbing, barre classes, etc.)

– if you feel good, you’ll be more confident and attract people to you.


– A good fitting bra is #1. You will instantly lose 5-10 lbs visually just by getting a bra that fits well.

– Learn how to dress to flatter your body (i.e. I have a bigger bust, so I need to remember to bring clothing in at the waist or I appear pregnant…)

– Make sure you’re wearing the right size. Learn about good tailoring. Too big, or too small will add pounds.

– Do a closet purge. Just because it was expensive in 1999, doesn’t mean that it looks good today.

-Start adding small things to your wardrobe.

Items to splurge on:
· well-fitting jeans
· a classic pump
· a pair of good boots
· bras
· a great handbag

Items to save on:
· dresses
· tops
· shoes
· seasonal trends

-Get a flattering cut & color. Make sure it’s modern & you can execute it when you do it at home.

-When you feel beautiful, you act beautiful!


Approach a first date as a fun experience to learn about someone, rather than a husband interview. Ask more questions than you answer. (Just look at the bachelor… men love to talk about themselves. Asking about his interests will make him feel more comfortable because of positive word associations.) Be careful not to “interro-date.” No one wants to feel like they’re being judged on their life decisions over dinner

Avoid intense discussions about politics/religion/past girlfriends/ex-wives etc. on the first date – you can still get a good idea of where people stand by more casual conversation.

Play the improv game by saying: “yes, and….” It works with anything! For example, your date may ask: “Did you go to college?” You can say: “Yes, I attended NYU and loved being New York City, but it felt more like “work” than a traditional college campus. I missed football games! Are you into football?”

I just answered his question – he knows my general feeling about my college experience – and I threw the ball back into his court.

Keep in mind, no one wants to be around someone who gives one-word answers!

Here is a real story from my dating vault:

Him: “oh look, a hot air balloon! have you ever been in one?”

Me: No, but a man once stalked me for 3 days in a hot air balloon…… and a hilarious story ensued…..

Now that’s a conversation starter.

Natalie Hill blogs about dating , culture, and her love affair with the big city. To read more, visit: www.mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com.

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