Winter Coat Refashions

The idea of pulling that standby winter coat out of the closet just got a whole
lot more exciting!

Jennifer Hadfield of the blog “Tatertots and Jello” shares 14 (yes, we said 14!)
winter coat refashions to keep you cozy and stylish.

Hi! I’m Jen from the blog Tatertots and Jello. I love a good refashion! I’ve
done shirts, sweaters and accessories. And with the Winter months coming, I
thought it would be fun to try some coat refashions!! We all have a few coats
that we’ve had for years. They are good quality, keep us warm, but they
might be a little on the blah side or a little outdated. Instead of giving them
to the thrift store and spending money on a new jacket, why not try updating
your old coat??

Here are 14 easy ways to give your old winter coat new life:

1. Add a little ribbon or lace to the bottom, sleeves, or up the front of the

2. Shorten the sleeves. A 3/4 sleeve lets a pop of color come through from
your sweater or shirt underneath and add so much interest.

3. Add a Faux Fur or fabric collar. Bring in some texture or color with a
different collar that you sew right over the existing one!

4. Change out the buttons. New buttons can really update the look of a
jacket. Add some brightly colored ones, or even some sparkly ones to dress
up your garment.

5. Add embroidery trim to the bottom. Pom poms can add some whimsy to
your coat, or even a nice fringe.

6. Add a belt. A belt will give your silhouette a nice fitted look. Go for a
leather one, or a thick stretchy belt will accommodate even the bulkiest

7. Make a brooch or pin and add it to your lapel. This is a way that you don’t
have to alter the existing garment at all, yet it will add a pop of color and
bling to your jacket.

8. Shorten a long coat. If you have a long, outdated coat, shorten it to hit or
even waist level and it will transform your jacket!

9. Add a fur or fabric cuff to your jacket. If you have a jacket that is a little
worn at the end of the sleeves, cover that up with a fauz fur cuff. You can
buy faux fur at your local craft store and line it with satin. then stitch it on
top of those worn cuffs.

10. Embroider the front panels or the bottom of your coat. Get out your floss
and add a fun design to your coat. You can find designs online.

11. Add a detachable collar to your coat. If you aren’t sure if faux fur is for
you all the time, make a detachable collar with snaps and you can add the fur
for special occasions.

12. Instead of buttons, sew on a faux leather belt. You can buy faux leather
material at your craft store. It’s thinner than regular leather and you can
make a belt out of it and then sew it right onto your jacket. It really updates
your look, plus the tie lets you cinch the coat up and gives you a great leaner

13. After shortening your coat, take the left-over material and make a ruffle.
Attach that to the front of the coat.

14. Or, after shortening the coat, take the left over material and make a
flower using die cuts, then attach it to the front of the coat and put a vintage
button in the middle.

· Take in the waist

· Cut off the fake flap pockets

· Stitch on a faux leather belt

· Cover the existing collar with a shawl faux Fur collar.

· Add a Detachable Fur Collar.

· Shorten the length.

· Take the left-over fabric and make a ruffle. Attach it to the front.

· Add a Faux Fur length to the bottom.

· Add a Faux Fur Collar and Cuffs.

· Add some trim to the bottom.

· Add a brooch to the lapel.

· Shorten the length.

· Used the left-over fabric to make flower embellishment. Add a vintage

· Add trim to the bottom of the coat.

Jennifer Hadfield loves all things creative and new. She loves making
something beautiful out of nothing – remake is her style! She is a family gal
who loves meeting new friends.
She started her blog as a place to store creative ideas and projects. She
believes anyone can be creative and loves encouraging other people to
develop their creative side.
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