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Stunning Winter Photos: 4 pro tips for beautiful snowy shots

Winter photos can be beautiful in Utah.

We usually think of Fall for photo shoots, but living among the mountains, we can take advantage of the winter wonderland for a beautiful backdrop.

Kayla Trujillo shares her tips from setting to styling for capturing stunning photos in the snow.

Find more of Kayla’s work on Instagram, @kayla.trulyphotography.


How to Get Great Winter Photos

To get dreamy winter pictures, head to the mountains. A few locations Kayla recommends:

  • Jordan Pines, up big cottonwood canyon. This recreation area is busy with people snow shoeing, sledding, and cross country skiing, but it’s also perfect for wintery pictures. There are breathtaking mountain views, cool winter light, and lots of incredible pine trees. Plus, it’s easily accessible. *Just remember that there are no dogs allowed anywhere in Big Cottonwood Canyon


  • Tibble Fork Reservoir, up American Fork Canyon. This reservoir is so fun in the summer and it’s just as busy in the winter! My family goes ice fishing and sledding at the reservoir all winter long, but it’s an even better location for family pictures. The combination of the iced over lake and the mountain backdrop is amazing, and the pine trees that frame the mountain make a great backdrop.

Shoot After a Snowstorm


If possible, shoot the day after a snow storm: In the hours or day after a snow storm the trees are snow topped and create a beautiful, winter wonderland. I love the pines and aspen trees in the mountains covered in snow.

Face Your Subjects Towards the Sun


Often winter means overcast skies, which can look really dull on camera. If you’re shooting on a cloudy winter day, face your subject(s) to the sun so that skin tones and colors are more vibrant! And then you can get those pretty blue and green winter tones.

Incorporate Warm-Weather Clothes


Incorporate coats, hats, boots, etc. as part of the picture outfits. Rather than making everyone freeze for pictures, incorporate winter wear in the outfits. This will keep little ones happy and make the pictures look winter appropriate.

Play in the Snow


Play in the snow! Let your kids run in the snow, throw snow up in the air around them, or even make a snow angel. It makes fun, candid type imagery that looks magical on camera.

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