Here are 7 highly rated winter products to make the cold months more bearable

By Lauren Tippetts

Not to rag on winter, but it can be the hardest time of the year for some people. If you’re feeling the dreary feels, a little pick-me-up might help! We did some scouting and found some of the highest rated products for the long, winter months. There’s something for the practical woman, and something for those who want to have a little fun!


For staying warm

3 Pair Touchscreen Gloves, $14.99

If there is one thing we know about gloves, it’s that at some point, one, or both, will get lost. Pick up three pair and you’ll be set until late March! Touchscreen gloves are a must these days, and we have to say, these ones are cute to boot!

Reviewers say they are thin enough to be comfortable, but are still warm. And they love the classy look of the button cuff.


Cable Knit Head Wrap, $13.99

We can say from personal experience that when the winter wind blows, your ears are the first thing to freeze. Keep them warm with a cute head band! This particular style comes in so many colors, you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Reviewers say the lining is super soft and warm, and the head band is snug enough that it won’t slip down.


For the snow

Snow Joe Large Ice Scraper/Broom, $16.99

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the end of the snow. Or fortunately, depending on what camp you’re in. Either way, this snow scraper is next level. Clear off your car faster than you can say “snow storm.”

Reviewers say this tool is great for short people who can’t reach the roof of their car! They love that you can avoid dumping snow all over yourself.


HeatTrak Heated Porch Mat, $79.95

The porch is sometimes the hardest place to shovel. This heated mat eliminates that need entirely. Snow melts right off, and guests to your home won’t slip and slide on the way to your door.

Reviewers say these heated mats are easy to set up. They are sturdy material, and they replace the use of bags and bags of ice melt.


For the kids

Snow Fort Building Kit, $20.31

You can’t have a good snow fort without the right tools! These molds will make the perfect foundation for a fun snow day.

Reviewers say their kids spend hours in the snow building forts with these molds. Many people use them for sand castles too!


Snowball Maker, $9.99

Once the fort is built, the snowballs fly! Scoop up the perfect ammo for your snowball fight with this tool. Build up an arsenal and your opponents will never know what hit them!

Reviewers say this tool is snowball making perfection. They report that their kids can make a snowball a second. Snow doesn’t clog it up, and snowballs slip right out.


For your well being

Verilux HappyLight, $69.95

If seasonal affective disorder is part of your winter norm, this happy light can help. It emits just the right amount of brightness to hopefully pick you up on a bad day.

Reviewers say they were skeptical at first, but this happy light really can make you happy. Many users report better moods after using this product.

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