Winter Salads You’ll Crave

If you ask us, salad season starts now – you are committed to eating more veggies, and your body craves those leafy greens.

Kristin Andrus is that “it” girlfriend who can pull together amazing ingredients for a new salad taste.
Kristin’s Favorite Building Blocks for a Yummy Salad:
Lettuce: (I like using at least 2 lettuces in my salads) Red Leaf Bibb lettuce Arugula Romaine Spinach

Toppings: fruits and veggies (in season) Grapefruit Blood orange Clementines Pomegranates


Nuts- Pecans, almonds, pistachios (toasted)

Seeds- sunflower, pumpkin seeds

Croutons – cornbread , torn croutons

Grapefruit and Clementine Salad
Mixture of spinach and arugula

Orange sections

Grapefruit sections


Feta cheese


Torn Crouton Panzanella Salad
Torn savory bread, toasted with EVOO and kosher salt Mozzarella balls Tomato, chopped Cucumber, chopped Avocado, chopped Parsley, chopped Arugula Red onion, sliced thinly marinated in balsamic vinaigrette Balsamic Vinaigrette S&P

Red Wine Vinaigrette
1 C Canola Oil

1/2 C Red Wine vinegar (I do more like 3/4 C) S&P

1/6 C sugar

( you can also use honey )

1/3 C finely chopped purple onion

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