Winter Tips with Les Schwab

With winter storms just around the corner, it’s time to get your car winter ready for any road condition.

Aaron Knutz with Les Schwab shares tips to get your car winter ready.

How to get your vehicle ready for winter safety:

. With winter storms just around the corner it is important to get your tires checked to make sure they will run properly during the winter weather.

. The key to making sure your vehicle drives properly in inclement weather is to check the tread on your tires to ensure your vehicle can grip the road.

. Low tread depth can be unsafe when driving in the snow and ice because they can cause you to lose traction and slide.

. Your tires need to have proper air pressure and tread to help keep you safe while driving in cold, wet weather.

. Snow tires improve winter driving especially if you live in the mountains or on the bench area where you get more snow fall.

. Snow tires have a deeper tread depth and different rubber compound to help grip the road in winter conditions.

. If your vehicle isn’t properly aligned it can pull to the side, making it difficult to drive in slush and snow.

. When your vehicle isn’t properly aligned your tires will also wear improperly – causing them to wear out before expected.

. Les Schwab wants to keep you safe this wint, so remember to check tire pressure, tread depth and vehicle alignment so that you can feel confident on the roads this winter.

. If you find that you need new tires for the coming season, Stop by Les Schwab and let us explain our Best Tire Value Promise to you. It includes Free Peace of Mind Tire Protection and Free Lifetime Tire & Mileage Care.

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