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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Here are 10 of the best new family games for 2020

These family games will keep everyone laughing for days!

By Lauren Tippetts

Of course Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it also means our list of best new family games is here! These are the games your family will love to play time after time. Take them to a party, whip them out during a lull in evening festivities, everyone can get in on the fun! We find new favorites every year, and 2020 did not disappoint (in this department…)!


Beat That, $24.99

How many times have you heard your kids say, “beat that!” from the other room? This game capitalizes on that sentiment and makes it into a game for the whole family! The goal is to bet on your ability to complete dexterity based challenges. Think of it kind of like Minute-to-Win-It in a box!

Promising Reviews:

“Due to the COVID19, I knew our college age children would be home for an unknown length of time. We have played this game about 5 different times now and they all LOVE it!! It gets everyone involved and it even gets you up and moving around. Great game for all skill levels!!” -Marilyn O.

“Really fun game – played with my 7 year old nephew and 80 year old father and we all had a great time.” –BG

Our family has played together (two 50+ year olds and two 20 year olds) and our college kids have played with their friends several times. I expect my husband and I will also play this with other couples when we are no longer practicing social distancing. Buy it!” -Mom of teens…


What Do You Meme?, $19.99

Everyone loves a good meme. Create your own with this card Game! Played Apples to Apples style, a meme image is drawn and players submit their most relatable captions. With all the possible combinations, you’ll be laughing until your stomach hurts.

Promising Reviews:

“It’s challenging in our house to get all 5 of us to enjoy playing the same game. For the first time in FOREVER, we sat around our table for a couple of hours laughing and playing, and enjoying the game, and each other.” -Barbara Burgess

“Purchased this for my family, especially the meme-obsessed ten year-old who thinks he’s too cool to hang out with his parents. He made us play it the same day and has requested it almost every day since then.” -Emily

“Our whole family plays and we are always laughing throughout the whole game. Great for younger kids, it’s one of my 7 year old’s favorite games. Definitely recommend for family fun.” -Lynley B.


Throw Throw Burrito, $24.86

If you’ve ever played spoons, this game is similar, but with an exciting twist. Race to get three of a kind before anyone else, but there are special cards that require a little dodgeball action! The game comes with two soft burrito toys for battles and duels that will have everyone on the floor laughing.

Promising Reviews:

We tried this game for the first time at a work party, with eight adults spanning four decades in age. Needless to say the ensuing play was hilariously funny and after playing six rounds of the game we were coming up with crazy ideas as to how we could turn it into an all day office game or even take it outside and play across larger distances.” -Marcus K.

“My wife and i love this game! Easy to start and play. Make sure you play in an area where you can’t break anything haha.” -Nate Pohlit

“We watched the video directions on the website which made learning this quick and easy. It’s wild and rowdy and you’re going to need to clear the decks and wear those safety goggles.” -K. Ball


On a Scale of 1 to T-Rex, $19.99

Bad at charades? No problem. This game isn’t about how well you can act out the cards, it’s about the intensity with which you act them out. Everyone plays at the same time, and you have to try and find which players are acting to the same intensity as you.

Promising Reviews:

“A game for people who are bad at charades! It’s a great game for people who like to be silly and kids who have a hard time sitting still through board games. It’s easy to learn.” -Tamalyn

“We purchased this as a gift for my husband and him , myself and our whole family are in love with it. The name alone is hilarious and directly shows how much fun and laughter you will have playing this game. It’s great for the whole family to enjoy.” -Samantha


Gnoming Around, $14.99

If you’re a card game connoisseur, you’ll know how to play Golf. You set six cards face down in front of you, turn up two, and are trying to get the lowest score. Gnoming around takes inspiration from that classic and puts a fun, Gnome-y spin on it!

Promising Reviews:

“We love all of Grandpa Beck’s games, and the artwork revision on this is so cute. I thought this would be a good Christmas gift for one of my kids, but we couldn’t wait. 4 boys ages 5-9 enjoyed it, and it was fun for me too! Easy enough to give hints to the younger kids, as we’re learning the strategy. “ -Amazon Customer

“I am a fan of all of Grandpa Beck’s games. This is one of the easier ones to learn and play for all ages. It is a quick game with just three rounds. The cards designs are really fun. This game gives a few twists on the card game Golf.” -Joe

“Gnoming a Round is accessible to children yet fun for adults. The card illustrations are quite charming, too. This game would be a great addition to any family game collection.” -KR


Don’t Get Got, $15.39

This one is a little different than your average game. You play it alongside whatever you’re doing! To start, everyone gets six secret missions to complete. Then, you go about your day, your party, or even your vacation, and try to sneakily get people to do one of your tasks without getting caught. Examples include ‘make someone yawn,’ ‘tell someone something is voice activated and get them to try it,’ or ‘hide this card in a jar and get someone to open it.’

Promising Reviews:

“This game is absolutely amazing and a surprisingly amazing quarantine long form game for families/roomates. The game is fun for a party, but it truly shines in a family stuck together indoors all day. We give 6 new cards for the week to each player and then we all have a week to complete the challenges. It adds a shockingly fun dynamite to the day to day of the house. It adds a little mid week electric fun when someone pulls out the card and shows that they “got” you.” -Cameron

“Such a fun party game! We’ve played this several times when we have multiple people over. There are enough prompts so that you won’t memorize all of them. Keeps you on your toes and will have you laughing the whole night.” -kaylajean

“A great game for any group. Ridiculous fun for a close knit bunch! Funny in ways you won’t expect!” -smora234


Herd Mentality, $24.99

This game is like reverse Scattergories. Flip over a question, answer secretly, and if your answer is the same as the majority, you win cows! If it’s the odd one out, you get the dreaded pink cow, and can’t gain any more cows until you get rid of it.

Promising Reviews:

“Love the sweet little cow in this box! Fun game, easy to play in-person AND adapts easily to play with a group over Zoom / Meet, etc. video conferencing. Only takes about 5 mins to pick up the rules. BONUS: The box is fuzzy which is unexpected and delightful.” -Yiyi

“Such an easy fun game! Played it with some of my friends here at FSU and we could not stop laughing. Not too long of a game either but you can make rounds longer if you want to keep going! Definitely worth the money!” -Lauryn Feliciano

“Great game for groups! Similar to Family Feud, in the sense that the answers you guess are what you think the “majority” of the people will be guessing. Basically you get more points by guessing the most popular answer. Fun way to go through everyone’s answers and see what they think of how other people think!” -Amazon Customer


Utter Nonsense, $22.63

Played Apples to Apples style, Utter Nonsense is a game of silly phrases and funny accents. An accent card is drawn, and everyone reads one of their phrase cards in that accent. The judge’s favorite wins!

Promising Reviews:

“This game is so fun and hilarious! Our group of friends laughed the whole time!” -Kayla

“This game is a lot of fun. If you like apples to apples, you’ll like this game. It does require people willing to be crazy and creative. Get your acting skills ready, and get ready to laugh.” -Kila


Quarantine The Card Game, $20.20

A strategy game of trick taking, this game is a lighthearted take on 2020. With ‘days in quarantine’ cards as suits and ‘remedy’ cards as trump, your family will get a kick out of this unique game.

Promising Reviews:

“This game is a laugh riot! With the lockdown & the long winter ahead, my family is happy to have a new & relaxed game. Easy to learn, every round is different. I hope they come out with more stuff.” -Jeff

“I got it for a Christmas gift and everyone loves it to the point they asked to open it up early lol.” -Valerie

“Was a gift and well received and enjoyed. Seller even gave them a free hand sanitizer! Great communication and customer care.” -californialilac


Elf: Journey From the North Pole, $19.99

Everyone’s favorite Christmas movie is now in board game form! Help Buddy get to New York to find his dad. You play winding path cards to get from the North Pole to the Big Apple, trying to get the elf to hit your secret objectives to score points along the way. The one with the most points when Buddy gets to New York wins!

Promising Reviews:

“This was an impulse-buy for my husband and me, and we have zero regrets. The game is pretty simple and straightforward but very fun! It’s also stinkin’ cute. I highly recommend it!” -mads

“We’ve played this probably 50 times in the couple weeks we’ve owned it. I took the plunge buying it from another reviewer saying their 3.5 year old enjoyed it. My 3.5 year old LOVES it. She definitely needs help, but she is always wanting to play, and it’s fun enough for adults to actually enjoy playing as well!” -the fun mom

“This game is super cute for Elf fans! We listen to the soundtrack while we play. Our 6 year old has it mastered but our almost 5 year old plays more for fun than to win.” -Mama Bear

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