Wrap it Up: Party Food Fun!

Don’t just serve party food. “Wow” your guests with a modern, hanging
food display! It’s just one of Studio 5 Contributor, Emily Bradley’s, amazing
party presentation ideas.

1: I am thrilled to share this amazing display piece I discovered from The
Cake Hole Project. It is the perfect eye catching vertical serving piece for
any event. Breakfast pastries for a brunch, appetizers for a dinner party,
savory and/or sweet treats at a bridal or baby shower, cupcakes for a
birthday bash or graduation celebration, take home treats for any special
occasion, and above all: refreshments for WEDDING RECEPTIONS! You
name it, these suspended holders are sure to “wow” your guests.

Check out their website www.cakeholeproject.com.

Or their etsy site: http://www.etsy.co
Or their facebook page: https://www.faceboo
Or email: cakeholeproject@gmail.com

or give Vicki a call (she’s a gem to work with)
602.909.6118. Have we covered it???

2: “Wrap up” the school year and head up the canyon (or to your backyard
fire pit) for a campfire cone celebration. Fill waffle cones with all sorts of
yummy treats, wrap tightly in foil, and heat until melted and gooey. YUM.
The combinations are endless – my favorite ingredients are diced
strawberries, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Eat with a spoon or
munch it like you would an ice cream cone. Messy and delicious. These
are easy to make ahead, but your guests might have fun creating their own
combos from a buffet of tasty ingredients.

3: This is a legit “wrap” for the backyard picnic, park playdate, lunch on the
go, etc. I’m planning on making the rounds to a couple of friends and my
kid’s teachers as the year “wraps up” for a tasty meal. I found great
packaging materials at Xpedx and Orson Gygi to spoil the recipient even
more. Any sandwich materials can be made into wraps. I especially love
this combo:
multi grain flat out flatbread
shredded Rotisserie chicken (you won’t even have to heat up your kitchen!)

feta cheese
romaine lettuce
sliced tomatoes
sliced red onion
honey mustard
sundried tomato vinaigrette dressing