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You might be causing your dry skin! 4 mistakes you’re making in your skincare routine

Dry skin isn’t only caused by the climate.

As the seasons shift from summer to fall and eventually to winter, many of us grapple with dry, flaky skin. In climates like Utah, the challenge can be even more significant.

Lisa Richards shares five common habits that might be worsening your dry skin, which, surprisingly, are largely within your control.

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4 Skincare Mistakes That Might be Causing Your Dry Skin

1. Harsh Cleansing Habits

Your daily cleansing routine may be a significant contributor to your dry skin. It’s a common belief that thorough cleaning means going the extra mile, but harsh cleansing can strip your skin of essential lipids, which form a natural barrier. This barrier is crucial for retaining skin moisture. To avoid over-cleansing, opt for gentle cleansers that clean effectively without depleting your skin’s natural oils. Lisa recommends a Gentle Cream Cleanser to maintain your skin’s moisture levels.

2. Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key skincare practice, but it can be a double-edged sword. Overdoing it can lead to skin cells not maturing correctly, causing them to come to the surface too soon and reducing their ability to hold moisture. Lisa suggests avoiding mechanical exfoliation methods like brushes and scrubs and, instead, opting for hydroxy acids. These ingredients exfoliate the skin while offering moisturizing properties. It’s important to exfoliate moderately, around two to three times a week.

3. Sunscreen Neglect

Many people don’t associate sunscreen with skin dryness. However, UV rays can damage the lipids and proteins in your skin, impairing its defense mechanisms and ability to retain moisture. Using sunscreen with hydration properties, like a hydrating sunscreen, can act as a moisturizer and sunscreen in one, offering dual protection and skin care.

4. Heat Overload

As temperatures drop, we often turn to indoor heating to stay warm and cozy. However, excessive heat can create a dehydrating environment, causing your skin to lose moisture more rapidly. To combat this, keep the heat at moderate levels and ensure it’s not blowing directly onto your face. Additionally, avoid sitting directly in front of space heaters or car heaters that could dry out your skin.

Your location plays a significant role in the health of your skin. While climate matters, personal habits and choices have a significant impact as well. Climate contributes to around 50% of the dry skin problem, but the rest is up to us. By following Lisa’s advice, you can take the reins of your skincare and work towards achieving well-hydrated, glowing skin even during the driest of seasons.

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