Your Stress-Free Party Timeline

Pulling off a birthday party can be hectic, but if you start well in advance and have your schedule mapped out, it’s much easier to pull off. There are steps to take two months in advance, down to one hour before the guests arrive.

Kara Allen, from Kara’s Party Ideas, shares her Party Planning Timeline.

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Party Planning Checklist/Timeline
One to two months before
set the date, time and place of the party
Decide on a party theme or color scheme
Determine your budget and estimate the cost of your party
Start to brainstorm ideas
Start to purchase non tangible supplies
Contact and hire outside party vendors if applicable (face painter, bounce house rental, princess, etc.)

One month before
chose an invitation
Start on party decor (things that require assembly before hand, etc.)
Continue to purchase non tangible party supplies needed
Order cake/desserts if applicable

Three weeks before
Mail or deliver invitations
Make sure you have all non-tangible items that you need for the party
Start on party favors
Continue to work on party decor, etc.

Two weeks before
Create a master grocery shopping list for all tangible items needed for the party
Prepare any food items/treats that can be frozen
Make sure you have enough seating/tables, etc.

One week before
Set up a “mock party” or sketch out your party set up so you can get a visual
Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d
Create a music playlist on iPod, etc.
Write names of guest on party favors

2 days before
Purchase groceries and tangible items on your list
Wash cake stands, glassware & serving pieces, etc.
Start putting up party decor

Day before
Iron table cloths or linens needed
Start setting up the actual party
Set out cake stands, food trays, etc in proper places

Morning of
Chill drinks
Finish setting everything up
Prepare your guest bathroom
Set out garbages, etc.

Two hours before
Finish all food preparation

1 hour before
Put out all food/dessert
Turn on iPod playlist

Sit down and relax/rejuvenate before guests arrive!

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