ZAGG/Invisible Shield

John Melville, Director of Sales, for ZAGG/Invisible Shield comes to Studio 5.


The new ZAGGskins line continues the tradition of invisibleSHIELD™ toughness while giving you the chance to express yourself with a vast library of designs. Can’t find quite the right image for your phone? ZAGG also allows you to upload your own image to completely customize your device skin to say, “This is Me.”

ZAGGskins are offered for the iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry Tour, Blackberry Curve, laptops, and all the hottest devices with more being added all the time. These skins feature designs as unique as you are, from chic, to grunge, to geek, and beyond into anything your imagination can create.


The constant risk of low batteries is a significant concern for gadget users, in particular when traveling. ZAGG Inc, the makers of the invisibleSHIELD™, has developed an exciting solution to that problem. The convenient size and portable power of the amazing ZAGGsparq means gadget lovers will never again have to worry about low batteries.

The ZAGGsparq plugs into a standard outlet and provides two USB ports for charging mobile devices. Then, unplug the ZAGGsparq and it carries multiple charges for any personal electronic device that can be powered by a USB plug – up to four complete recharges for a power-hungry Apple iPhone®. Perfect for everything from cell phones to hand-held gaming systems, from digital cameras to laptops; dead batteries and expensive spares will be a thing of the past.

The small size of the ZAGGsparq makes it perfect for slipping into pockets and bags, and the convenience of carrying universal USB power on-the-go makes it an indispensable electronics accessory. Perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and anyone else who makes extensive use of their devices.

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