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It’s the first question most people ask when calling a carpet cleaner: “what’s the price?”

Scott Arkon with Zerorez explains why that is the wrong approach.

It’s the first question most people ask when calling a carpet cleaner: “what’s the price?”

That is the wrong approach. When you’re looking for a carpet cleaner you need to think of it like an interview. “What is your price?” is the worst question to start an interview with because you’re really asking “how cheap will you work for?”

Everybody starts with this question because: they don’t want to over pay and feel taken advantage of, and they don’t know what else to ask.

The first question should really be: what method of cleaning do you use? The only method that will maintain your carpet’s warranties from the factory is hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. This method removes the most amount of soil because your using water to rinse out the carpet.

The other methods of cleaning, like dry shampoo, rotary shampooing, and the newest thing out, encapsulation cleaning are really designed for commercial carpets that need to be cleaned multiple times per year. They leave a lot of residue behind because there is no rinsing process but in a commercial building you know you’re going to clean in a couple months so you use a quick method to improve the appearance for a short time.

Next, you want to know “what makes you different?” There are a thousand carpet cleaners to choose from along the Wasatch Front and this will really separate the professionals. Professionals know what makes them standout. When you ask this get ready to hear a lot of – We have the best service. When a company doesn’t have anything to say they talk about service. Your expectations of good service may not be their expectations of good service.

So look for current education, certifications, equipment that is clean and well maintained. This tells you they are invested in their company and you.

At Zerorez, Empowered Water is our difference. Nobody in the carpet cleaning industry cleans like us, or as well as we do. Our water breaks down iodine, oils, and even vinaigrette without the use of chemicals. We take softened water and put it through an electrolysis process. It will now act like a soap or detergent but when it dries there is ZERO residue left behind to attract soil. This is how we can claim that Zerorez keeps your carpet cleaner longer. No other carpet cleaner can claim they leave Zero residue.

Carpeted areas up to 200 square feet cost $30 per area – and there is no limit to how many you can have done at that price.

For more information call Zeriorez at 801-288-ZERO or visit their website:

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