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The 10-Week Grocery Stock Up: What to buy to keep your pantry full

Make sure to stock up on these things next time you’re at the grocery store.

Since you’re already doing grocery-store pickup — just pick up something extra. In just a few weeks, you’ll be feeling fine about that part of your food storage that you really use.

Melanie Papworth shares her 10 Week Stock up plan.

Get Melanie’s free 10 Week Stockup Plan printable, here: Find more advice from Melanie on Instagram, @planforawesome.


Melanie Papworth is a mom of 4 and stepmom of 3, running on Dr. Pepper Zero, Clorox wipes, & to-do lists. She is passionate about helping busy moms get their homes and families prepared by focusing on the basics: 72-hour kits, food storage, water storage, etc. She helps you make smart decisions for your family by laying out the pros & cons to different options and covering topics in an organized, step-by-step format. Find her at

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